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The Best Answering Devices of 2017
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Why Buy a Telephone Answering Machine?

A telephone answering machine provides a landline-enabled cordless phone, coupled with the convenience of an answering machine. An answering machine provides the security of knowing you will not miss an important call. Remote access capability allows you to check messages when away from home or the office enabling a necessary response. In addition, contact information is preserved if you change phone service providers. Examples of telephone answering machines include the Panasonic KX-TG9381T, the VTech LS6475-3 and the Uniden D1380-BK.

Telephone Answering Machines: What to Look For

Features vary, and knowing what you need is a good first step. Important features include Bluetooth capability, number of handsets and amount of recording time. Other important considerations are adjustable speaker and ringer volume, as well as battery backup for inclement weather.

Recording Time
The total duration of recording time on a digital answering machine varies between 11 and 40 minutes on some devices, and running out of space defeats the purpose. If you expect to receive few messages, a lower recording time may work well for you. For those who receive many messages, additional total recording time can be a more practical choice.

Remote Operation
Checking messages on an answering machine when you are not at home or in the office is a routine task for many individuals but unimportant for others. If this is a key feature for you, finding a particular phone system with this option is necessary.

Battery Life
The duration of phone usage time before recharging varies, and the length of charge time differs from one system to another. Depending on your usage, a long battery life may be preferable. Living in an area where weather-induced loss of electricity is common may necessitate the need for a cordless system with battery backup for both base and handsets.

Number of Handsets
A cordless phone answering machine is equipped with one or more handsets. Some systems allow acquisition of additional handsets in the future, although the maximum number varies. This option lets the device expand to meet your needs.

Bluetooth Capability
If exchanging information between devices over a short distance is routine for you, you probably use Bluetooth technology. Some telephone answering machine units are Bluetooth capable, and such systems permit coupling with a headset or cell phone. Bluetooth capabilities include charging a cell phone while talking on the cordless phone, transferring phone contacts between devices and talking hands-free.

Ringtones & Volume
If you take the call in an area with high background noise or if you are hearing impaired, you may find an adjustable voice volume useful. Likewise, adjusting the ringtone volume for loudness may help you hear an incoming call.

Telephone answering machines offer a variety of useful options. Read about different models to discover what type of machine suits your needs.