When it comes to standalone answering machines, your selection is often limited to a select few that lack long recording times and cost too much. The AT&T 1740, on the other hand, offers a significant amount of recording time, is quite cheap and has good sound quality. Each of these contributes toward its simple and functional design intended to maximize your control over recorded messages without making them difficult to access.

This telephone answering machine is a straightforward device with a large loudspeaker that allows you to increase or decrease the volume when playing back messages. This speaker, like the Amplicom AB900, is actually able to achieve high volume levels without reducing message sound quality, so you’ll be able to hear it clearly at whatever volume you need. You can also repeat or skip messages, delete messages, set up your answering message, and play or stop messages.

As the phone answering machine records new messages, it keeps track of the total tally on a small LCD screen. When you push the play button, it begins with the newest message. When it begins playing, the device starts by stating the date and time of the received message to give context for how recently the call was made. This digital answering machine comes with a microchip that records up to 60 minutes of messages, increasing the level of reliability with recording quality and security over the old-fashioned tapes.

This digital answering machine is meant to be a simple in-home solution, and it won’t be ideal if you have multiple lines or need multiple mailboxes. It only attaches to one phone and has a single mailbox, which means you’ll only get use out of it as a centralized home answering machine rather than something for a busy office place or home office. The device itself is protected with message guard memory in the event of a power failure, which means even if power cuts off while recording, the device will be able to collect the entire message.

If you’re looking for a cordless phone with an answering machine, this device won’t really be an ideal fit. But if you’ve already got a phone and need a reliable standalone machine, the AT&T 1740 will prove a useful and cheap solution. It offers a lengthy recording time, combined with intuitive controls and message guard memory to protect against power failures. It serves its purpose with remarkable reliability, making it easy to keep on top of your phone messages without paying for features you don’t need.

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