The Motorola L702M is a cordless phone system that comes with a built-in answering machine. Even though the answering machine is built into the handset charging station, it can be controlled remotely through the handset for increased mobility. This phone has a sizeable phonebook, doesn’t disrupt wireless networks and conserves electricity, so it’s an attractive option if you need an answering machine and phone combo.

This telephone answering machine can store up to 15 minutes of recording time, ample space for storing dozens of messages, though not quite as much as standalone models like the AT&T 1740. The answering machine is managed through the handset on the cordless phone, allowing you to repeat, skip, play, pause and delete messages as needed. It plays messages through the handset, allowing you to listen to messages anywhere in the house rather than just at the main phone console.

This cordless phone and answering machine can support up to five individual handsets, though it only comes with two. Each handset sports a four-line LCD screen and amber backlight that shows caller information, phone book entries and more. They can store up to 30 names and numbers through the use of a built-in phonebook, so you can easily track numbers and save them as needed. The caller ID allows you to quickly save recent calls to your phonebook for easier management of caller information.

When it comes to signal frequencies, some phones are notorious for disrupting Wi-Fi connections. DECT 6.0 technology on this phone ensures you can make secure calls on a frequency level that won’t interfere with your Wi-Fi. This answering machine phone is also Energy Star compliant, which means it won’t use much electricity, even with frequent use.

The Motorola L702M offers you a reliable and secure cordless phone with a built-in answering machine. And rather than tying you down to the main phone console when you want to listen to messages, you can control and listen to them directly from your handset – anywhere in your house. Many other answering machines, whether standalone or combo, don’t offer this level of freedom and can quickly feel much more constraining.

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