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Motorola L7 02CBT Review

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PROS / You can pair up to four cell phones with the Motorola L702CBT.

CONS / There is no alarm with this cordless phone.

 VERDICT / The Motorola L702CBT works well in a home or business setting because of its ability to pair multiple cell phones and its large speakerphone and base dial pad.

The Motorola L702CBT is not the company's best cordless phone. Its Bluetooth connectivity is great, but that’s not quite enough to make up for its weaknesses. Many Bluetooth-enabled cordless phones on the market today only allow you to pair two cell phones to the base, but with the Motorola L702CBT, you can pair four. The device comes with a standard of two handsets, and you can add up to three more.

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The handsets’ batteries last significantly longer than most other phones’. Our testing showed that the batteries can last for two days when in standby mode. Most of the phones we reviewed only lasted for one to one and a half days on standby. It takes an average seven hours to bring the handsets’ batteries back up to 100 percent.

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The phone’s range and call quality are subpar. At 200 feet from the base, we started noticed static and skipping, and by the time we reached 250 feet, our calls started dropping. These test results make the L702CBT the worst performing phone in our review.

The handsets have clear displays, and the phone stores a total of 200 phonebook entries and 28 previous callers. If you press the redial button on the handset, the screen displays the last five numbers you dialed so you can call somebody back without looking up his or her number.

The phone can conference, but it doesn’t have an intercom or alarm. While these aren’t necessarily deal breakers, they are commonly found on other cordless phones.

You can adjust the volume to one of five different levels. Motorola also includes a silent setting in case you don’t want to be disturbed. The base has a backlit display for reading caller ID entries; however, its small size can make reading text somewhat difficult.

The phone comes with a one-year warranty. If you run into trouble, a helpful user manual is included with the phone, although you can also download it online. For additional help, Motorola offers telephone and email support, and the company website has a FAQs section and a chat page.


The Motorola L702CBT allows you to not only have a landline phone, but also juggle multiple cell phones, thanks to Bluetooth pairing. It's a useful landline phone solution for your home or office.

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