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Pros / You can charge the handset’s battery in just three hours.

Cons / It only has enough space for you to store 50 contacts.

 Verdict / The VTech CS6429-2 has great battery performance and call quality but is missing many advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity.

We found the VTech CS6429-2 to be a basic home phone that’s fine with being mediocre. And that’s OK. Not everyone wants or needs the latest in cordless phone technology with features like Bluetooth to link your cell phone to your home phone. Keeping in mind this phone’s limitations, it’s a decent option for people who want nothing more than a landline phone with caller ID and voicemail. It’s not the very best cordless phone you can get, but it’s good at what it does.

In our testing, the CS6429-2 faired quite well. In fact, it came out ahead of many other phones in our review. This is due, in large part, to how quickly its batteries charge – the handset batteries can go from empty to full in only three hours. That’s more than twice as fast as most other phones we reviewed and four times as fast as the slowest-charging phones. The battery lasts for one and a half days on standby, which is typical. Up to 250 feet away from the base, this cordless phone maintained good signal strength, and we didn’t encounter any static or drop out.

The standard version of this phone comes with just one handset. That’s a little unusual, though certainly understandable for the price point. Most come with at least two. You can buy more handsets at an additional cost if you feel they are necessary.

If you do opt for more handsets, you can make use of the CS6429-2’s intercom. This makes it very easy to communicate with other people in your house without having to place a phone call. The base doesn’t have a speakerphone, which means you have to rely on the handsets. This isn’t ideal, as handset speakerphones generally aren’t as good as those you find in cordless phone bases.

There is only space for 50 contacts in this home phone’s memory. That’s not much space if you plan to hang onto it for a few years. The caller ID also has room for 50 entries, which is enough for most people. There are 14 minutes of storage space for voicemail messages, and the CS6429-2 saves the last 10 phone numbers you called for quick redialing.

This cordless phone comes with a one-year warranty, which is standard for the industry. That should be enough time for you to notice any factory defects. Should you need to contact VTech, you can do so through phone or email. Notably, the company doesn’t have any live chat support options.

  • Call Clarity
  • Range
  • Battery Life
  • Battery Charging Time
  1. This score reflects how clear phone calls sounds.
    Higher is better
  2. 8  VTech CS6429-2
    97.0 %
  3. 99.0 %
  4. 97.0 %
  5. 96.0 %
  6. Category Average
    95.3 %


The VTech CS6429-2 is not the best home phone on the market. However, it has some of the fastest charging handset batteries we saw during our testing, and it maintains great call quality at a long distance from the base. While it lacks many of the advanced features found in top-of-the-line landline phones, it covers the basics well.

VTech CS6429-2 Visit Site