Pros / You can add up to 12 handsets.

Cons / The base doesn’t have a built-in speakerphone.

 Verdict / The VTech DS6421 comes with Bluetooth link-to-cell capability, making it a useful option even though it is missing other advanced features.

The VTech DS6421 is a simple cordless phone that has some smart features, including Bluetooth pairing. It has a thin design, and you can add up to 12 handsets, although just three come in the package.

Our testing revealed the DS6421 to be a strong performer. Even at 250 feet away from the base, it maintained both a strong signal and good call quality, without any hiccups or static. The handsets’ batteries are neither exceptional nor lacking. They last for one and a half days on standby, which is about average, and take about seven hours to fully charge from empty.

The base is pretty average and doesn't have any fancy features; for example, it doesn’t have a USB port or dock for your smartphone. The base doesn’t have a speakerphone or a full dial pad. However, the answering machine can store 14 minutes of recorded messages.

You can use speakerphone mode on the handsets, but the sound isn't as clear or loud as other phones we tested. The handsets have easy-to-read displays and show the last 50 callers' information. You can also store 50 phonebook entries – this is low considering some phones can remember up to 600 names and numbers. The handsets also remember the previous 10 numbers you dialed. This makes for quick redialing and saves you time searching for numbers if you don't already have them stored. The handsets can also function as intercoms.

The buttons on the handsets have large lettering and numbering, but the buttons themselves are quite small – if you have large hands, you may make mistakes dialing. Also, the buttons are flat, which makes dialing a little more difficult.

This cordless phone set comes with a one-year warranty. VTech can answer your questions by telephone or over email, and you can read its FAQs page and download the instruction manual on its website.

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VTech's DS6421 cordless phone doesn't have top-of-the-line features like the phones ranked higher up on our lineup. However, it is easy to use and comes with comprehensive customer support. If you don't need a lot of features but still want a phone with Bluetooth connectivity and the option of adding handsets, this cordless phone set is a good choice.

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