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VTech DS6751 Review

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PROS / The VTech DS6751 has a base that features a large dial pad, display and speakerphone.

CONS / There is no way to use a headset with the phone.

 VERDICT / While this landline phone doesn't have many advanced features, it is an affordable cordless phone set that can pair with your smartphone.

VTech's DS6751 cordless phone doesn't have top-of-the line features like some of our higher-ranked landline phones. However, this home phone still has Bluetooth connectivity and pairs easily with your cell phone. It is simple to use and set up, and it is more affordable than most landline phones. This cordless home phone set comes with a standard of two handsets, but it can support up to five.

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In our testing, the DS6751’s battery life was about average, lasting for 1.5 days in standby mode. That’s much shorter than what the manufacturer advertises, but we found that to be the case with all of the phones we reviewed. The DS6751 is slow to charge, requiring 12 hours to reach full capacity.

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The phone’s range is good, and it maintained a connection up to 250 feet away from the base during our testing. The call quality also remained good up to 250 feet, though we did notice some skipping. While not enough to impede understanding of what’s being said, the skipping was annoying.

One of the biggest advantages of the DS6751 is its base. It features a large keypad and a caller ID display. Some bases don't have speakerphones, but this cordless phone set includes a base speakerphone, and each handset can be used as a speakerphone as well. The speakerphone isn't extremely loud, and it picks up your voice much better if you speak directly into it, but it is functional.

The handsets have all the standard features that you expect when buying a cordless phone. They have intercom functionality, conferencing and a silent setting, but they don't have some more advanced features. For example, they can’t receive text message alerts from your cell phone, and they can’t be paired with a wireless headset. Also, since there isn't a headset jack, you can't use a wired headset either.

The phone has plenty of storage. It holds 200 contacts and remembers the last 50 callers. It also stores the last 10 outgoing numbers you dialed. As for the answering machine, it is capable of recording 14 minutes of messages.

VTech includes a one-year warranty with its cordless phone set. The company offers telephone and email support as well. You can read the FAQs page or download the instruction manual on VTech's website.


The VTech DS6751 does not have all of the advanced communication features found on the best landline phones. Still, it pairs with your smartphone, has a nice base and comes with all the necessary basic features, including conferencing features and a phonebook with plenty of storage.

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