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GoPro Hero

The GoPro HERO features HD recording capabilities, 5MP photos and a rugged, waterproof design. While the high-quality video is a plus, the wearable camera is too large and bulky to comfortably wear al

Pivothead Kudu

The Pivothead Kudu life camera comes in several colors and is housed in a pair of sporty sunglasses. It features an HD camera capable of recording in multiple formats and sizes. While suitable for spo

Narrative Clip

The Narrative Clip features a 5MP camera that automatically snaps two photos per minute. With a storage capacity of 4,000 photos and two-day battery life, it is a good life camera. However, with no vi

Spy Tec

The Spy Tec G1W-C dash cam gives you high-definition video, photo and audio capture, plus several useful basic features. A wide viewing angle ensures you capture every important detail, and G-sensor t


The BlackVue DR650S-02Ch dash cam comes with both an HD main front and HD rear camera, so you can capture what’s going on in front of and behind your car. Quality sensors and multiple recording

Blackbox Guard

The Blackbox Guard Platinum dual dash cams give you high-definition video capture so you can record what’s happening ahead of as well as behind your car. The built-in Wi-Fi lets you use the acco


The Papago GoSafe 260 dash cam records in full HD, and clips on over your car’s standard rear-view mirror like the Falcon Zero F360. A wide capture angle means you get all important details, and


The Thinkware X500 dash cam features a quality sensor giving you full HD footage with multiple image correction options. Fail-safe recording backs up a copy of your videos to the internal flash drive,


Editor's Note: The Magelan RoadMate 6230 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, the buy button link for this review will take you to the Magellan MiVue 420, which has similar build, speci


The WickedHD G1W dash cam gives you options for recording your driving moments in HD. The wide capture angle means you can record cars and scenery ahead of you as well as oncoming traffic. You can ch


Editor's Note: The Garmin Dash Cam 20 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, the buy button link for this review will take you to the Garmin Dash Cam 35, which has similar build, specific

Keysight TrueIR Imager

The Keysight TrueIR Thermal Imager is a well-thought-out infrared camera that focuses more on the essentials than auxiliary features. It produces clear, thermally accurate images, and despite its lack

Fluke Ti400

A few devices set the standard for infrared camera performance. The Fluke Ti400 is one of these. The Ti400 beats out most of the competition thanks to its excellent resolution, comprehensive feature s

Fluke Ti90

The Fluke Ti90, like any inexpensive thermal-imaging camera, makes compromises on functionality in order to remain relatively affordable. Its resolution isn't the greatest, and additional features lik


The best infrared cameras combine excellent build quality with accurate, high-resolution images and features that make capturing and sharing them easier. While some cameras sacrifice resolution and fe


With a laserlike focus on image quality and thermal precision, the FLIR E8 is a low-cost thermal-imaging powerhouse. Although it's missing features like onboard flashlights, laser pointers and Wi-Fi c


The FLIR E4 is one of the least expensive infrared cameras available. Although it allows you to see thermal information and measure accurate temperatures, its low cost comes at the expense of image qu


The JVC GX-R450B is one of the most unique cameras we've seen. It’s the only HD camcorder we tested that was weather resistant. Though it’s a little pricey and more difficult to use than o

Panasonic HC-V770K

The best HD camcorders give you the power to produce high-quality video and the flexibility to do so in a wide variety of circumstances. Unlike smartphones, tablets and other video-capable devices, th

Moultrie A-5

Moultrie is arguably the most well-known name in the game camera industry. The Moultrie A-5 is an entry-level camera that provides essential performance at a reasonable price. The A-5 has mediocre ima

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