Pros / The small transmitter is good for small hands.

Cons / Its 4.5-minute flight time is relatively short.

 Verdict / You sacrifice build quality with a drone this inexpensive. On the upside, this portable, fun option is good for kids who'd likely make short work of any model.

The Cheerson CX-10C is a tiny quadcopter that offers a lot of indoor fun. Although we found this little flyer to be a little tricky at first, it's quite fun once you get used to the way it handles. Due to its size, it's not very well suited for flying outdoors except in calm weather.

Perhaps the biggest issue we had with the Cheerson was its flying time. At only about 4.5 minutes, you really don't get much out of a charge. Fortunately charging only takes about 20 minutes, which, like its flight time, is the shortest in our review.

Although it's not the best or easiest RC helicopter to fly, it does have many of the flight features you'd expect from more expensive models. An internal gyroscope keeps the craft stable as it zips around. It has dual speeds to make learning a little easier and LEDs on its underside that make it easy to determine which direction it's facing. But most importantly, it can do all kinds of cool flips with just the touch of a button.

One feature that really surprised us was the inclusion of a camera in such a small and inexpensive remote controlled helicopter. We found its image quality wasn't really very good, but who cares? In a drone like this, the camera is more of a novelty feature anyway – probably not intended for legitimate filming anyway. We thought it was a fun feature.

With this RC helicopter being pocket-sized, it only makes sense that the transmitter would be sized to match. This reduction in size does remove some of the features found in others but dramatically increases its portability. In addition to this, its size makes it one of the best transmitters for small hands.

Unfortunately, the durability of this model is questionable. As inexpensive as it is, you're not risking too much, but after a few crashes, the wiring became detached from one of its rotors and it ceased to spin. While we're not convinced that this sort of problem will affect every CX-10C, we thought it was a good indication of its build quality. At any rate, the problem was promptly fixed by opening the device and soldering the wire back in place.

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  1. How long the remote control helicopter can stay in the air.
    Longer is Better.
  2. 8  Cheerson CX-10C
    4.5 Minutes
  3. 8.5 Minutes
  4. 7.5 Minutes
  5. 6.5 Minutes
  6. Category Average
    6.75 Minutes


The Cheerson CX-10C is a good option for kids to learn on. It's inexpensive, so you don't have to worry about it being damaged, and it's small and light enough that you don't have to worry about it damaging anything else. It has good features and it's fun to fly, but this is not the most well-built RC helicopter we've encountered.

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