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Pros / You can crash the aircraft repeatedly and it keeps on flying.

Cons / Without decent speeds or lateral movement, flying the S107G can be a plodding experience.

 Verdict / Verdict: The Syma S107G is the most durable, easy-to-fly helicopter we reviewed, but its slow speeds and dull movement dampen the fun of flight.

The Syma S107G is a remote control helicopter built to survive some heavy crashes. Crafted from an all-metal frame and sporting double circuit protection, this RC helicopter was designed with beginner pilots in mind. It does, however, have its shortcomings, including an infrared-based transmitter and a lack of lateral flight.

The S107G has co-axial rotors, meaning there are two main rotor blades, one stacked atop the other, spinning in opposite directions. This system, in conjunction with the helicopter's crossbar gyroscope, stabilizes it while you fly. Add to that the slow pace at which the S107G moves, and the result is an RC helicopter that's a beginner's best friend. In all our testing, no other aircraft was as easy to get in the air and fly around. Just take care not to fly it outdoors; even the smallest draft from an air vent is enough to send it off course, not to mention a gust of wind.

With a full battery charge, you can expect to get about eight minutes of uninterrupted flight time, which is about average for these helicopters. The included 150-mAh battery takes about 50 minutes to charge, which isn't great, but you can upgrade the battery to a higher capacity for longer flight times. The battery charges from a USB cable, which you can connect to your computer or smartphone charger.

The radio remote transmits in the infrared spectrum. Keep in mind that infrared signals require line of sight and are prone to interference. Also, the transmitter only utilizes 3.5 channels, so you can't fly laterally. The Syma S107G does, however, allow you to adjust the trim right from the transmitter, should the helicopter spin or drift in the air.

The best feature of this remote control helicopter is unquestionably its durability. The Syma S107G has a metal frame that can take plenty of punishment from crashes, while its double circuit protection keeps the motors from burning out should the rotors get caught. This feature is especially useful for beginners, as they often forget to cut their throttles when they lose control of their aircrafts.

  • Flight Time
  • Charge Time
  • Battery Capacity
  • Weight
  1. How long the remote control helicopter can stay in the air.
    Longer is Better.
  2. 10  Syma S-107G
    8.0 Minutes
  3. 8.5 Minutes
  4. 7.5 Minutes
  5. 6.5 Minutes
  6. Category Average
    6.75 Minutes


The Syma S107G is perhaps the best beginner RC helicopter we reviewed, thanks to its easy flight and unflinching durability. For anyone looking to break into the RC hobby, however, it's a poor substitute for more advanced aircraft; infrared transmission and 3.5 channels drag down what might have otherwise been an impressive machine. As a toy, though, it's a great gift, especially if you're looking for something small that's sure to delight loved ones.

Syma S-107G Visit Site