Pros / The TiVo Roamio Plus lets you record up to six programs at the same time.

Cons / It only has 1TB of internal storage.

 Verdict / Despite requiring a subscription, the TiVo Roamio Plus makes it easy to record content from cable and video streaming sources. You can enjoy access to a wide variety of content and connect plenty of devices to the DVR, as well as customize its features.

You can record a decent amount of HD and SD content on TiVo Roamio Plus’ 1TB internal hard drive. It is a feature-rich machine, and it can access content from most sources, so you don’t have to miss out on your favorite shows. You can connect it to a variety of devices using the assortment of ports located on the back, and while the DVR does require a subscription, it is backed by friendly customer service.

The six built-in tuners appease everyone in your family, as they let you record up to six programs simultaneously. Though the 1TB internal hard drive is somewhat smaller than other options out there, it is enough to let you record up to 150 hours of purely HD content, up to 1,000 hours of standard-definition content or a smaller combination of both.

The device has built-in Wi-Fi and is set up for multi-room streaming, so everyone in your household can watch what they want, no matter what room they’re in. You can also set up parental controls if you want to keep your kids from watching inappropriate content. The DVR recorder lets you skip commercials while watching recorded content, and you can schedule it to record a single show or a recurring series.

Like the best DVRs in our review, such as the Dish Hopper 3, the Roamio Plus can access and record content from most sources with few limitations. It is compatible with content from cable or over-the-air antennas, as well as on-demand content. The Roamio Plus can also connect with audio and video streaming services, although you need separate subscriptions for them. However, it can’t access satellite content.

The digital video recorder’s port selection doesn’t limit the devices you can connect it to. It has composite and component video ports, a coax connection, and Ethernet and HDMI ports, as well as a USB port for expanding its storage capacity. It doesn’t support 4K video.

TiVo provides you with a few direct contact options for its technical support team, including live chat, phone and email. In addition, its website is loaded with educational resources so you can read about the DVR or troubleshoot problems.

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  • HD Recording Capacity
  • SD Recording Capacity
  • Simultaneous Recording
  1. How many hours of high-definition content the DVR can record.
    More is Better.
  2. 5  TiVo Roamio Plus
    150.0 Hours
  3. 500.0 Hours
  4. 450.0 Hours
  5. 150.0 Hours
  6. Category Average
    270.0 Hours


Though it can’t access satellite content and only has a 1TB internal hard drive, the TiVo Roamio Plus is otherwise a good DVR. It has six tuners, so you can record up to six programs simultaneously, and it can access content from a variety of sources. It’s also backed by great customer service, making it a good option overall.

TiVo Roamio Plus Visit Site

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