Pros / This TV has great contrast and good picture quality.

Cons / We noticed some haloing around certain objects.

 Verdict / Few TVs have better picture quality than the KS8000, making this affordable Samsung a good value.

The Samsung KS8000 falls just short of our award winners, but the picture quality is up to par with best 4K TVs in our lineup. You can expect sharp, clear and vibrant colors from this display as well as an intuitive interface within the 4K TV.

We tested the LED 4K TVs in our lineup by watching a variety of UHD, HD and 4K shows in the light and dark as well as sitting in the center of the screen and off to the sides. We did notice that the KS8000 TV panel does begin to wash out as you step farther to the side, but you have to be pretty off-center before that starts to happen.

As we watched "Gravity" we noticed that the contrast between Earth, the dark sky and the stars was great. The sky was almost absolutely black with stars dotted throughout. TVs with less capable displays showed a grayish sky due to the lack of contrast. We did still see some haloing around the space station, but that is to be expected with most TVs that are not OLED.

We streamed a 4K musical performance from Emi Myers to test for color vibrancy and smooth picture quality. The Samsung had great picture clarity and vibrant color saturation. We still saw some haloing around the performers' hands and around the saxophone, but the picture remained ultra-smooth and vivid.

We also tested each set with Calman software, a test pattern generator and a sensor to determine the contrast ratio and color accuracy of each set. The results from the contrast ratio testing backed up our visual observations of the KS8000. This set had one of the best contrast ratio results in our testing. This means that the dark parts of the screen appear blacker and the brightest parts are brighter, making the picture more vivid.

The color accuracy was also impressive, even though all of the other 4K LED TVs ranked slightly above this Samsung 4K TV for color accuracy. Analyzing the results from all our testing, we determined that the KS8000 gets an A- for picture quality, which is still outstanding.

The Tizen OS on this Samsung unit is easy to navigate. Pressing the home button on the remote brings all of the streaming apps and menu options up on the bottom of the screen. You can scroll through the options horizontally. When you get to the TV's settings, another menu will open conveniently above the streaming apps, keeping everything centralized and organized. The interface is easy to use even for novice smart TV users.

We also felt that the remote was comfortable to hold and use. When you press the voice command button, you can talk into the remote to perform various functions on your TV. This helps to quickly search through or even activate Netflix just by saying so. The remote is slim, uncluttered and fits comfortably in your hand. It is a great remote that suits a great-looking LED TV.

The Samsung KS8000 comes in 65, 60, 55 and 49 inches. Samsung covers this TV with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

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  2. 4  Samsung KS8000
    240.0 Hz
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  4. 120.0 Hz
  5. 240.0 Hz
  6. Category Average
    144.0 Hz


This Samsung KS8000 has among the best picture quality you will find in a TV set. We were impressed with the contrast as well as the vivid picture quality. There are a few others in our lineup that have superior picture KS8000, but for the price point this is a great choice.

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