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Hisense H9G ULED TV review

The Hisense H9G offers high-end quality and features for an affordable price that gets you a big screen for less.

Hisense H9G ULED TV review
(Image: © Hisense)

Our Verdict

The Hisense H9G offers 4K and HDR picture quality backed by Dolby Vision and full-array local dimming for a ULED picture quality that punches way above its weight.


  • 4K and HDR quality
  • Dolby Vision support
  • 120Hz refresh rate


  • Budget remote
  • Awkward stand
  • Flakey Bluetooth connectivity

The Hisense H9G ULED 4K and HDR TV is a television that crams in high-end specs for great quality visuals, without the top-end price tag you'd expect when looking for the best TV that money can buy. That ULED tech means full-array local dimming for a picture quality that a year or two ago would have cost you thousands of dollars. 

Features like 4K are standard now but HDR that supports Dolby Vision is a welcome touch as this means you can enjoy the likes of Netflix and Disney Plus at their most visually stunning.

Hisense H9G ULED TV review: Picture

  • Excellent color range
  • Dolby Vision
  • Could be brighter

The Hisense H9G does offer some impressive specs, on paper, with everything you'd need thanks to that HDR and 4K support as well as ULED local dimming. The result is some really impressive colors when using that 10-bit Dolby Vision input. It also makes for decent range between blacks and whites.

Hisense H9G

(Image credit: Hisense)
Tech Specs

(Image credit: Hisense)

Average price: $749.99
Sizes available: 55" and 65"
Screen type: ULED
4K ready? Yes
8K ready? No
HDR type: Dolby Vision
Audio type: Dolby Digital Plus
HDMI connections: 4
Other connections: 2 x USB, 1 x Ethernet, Digital and analog audio out, Headphone out, Composite in, Tuner.

While the HDR performance does make for some really impressive color ranges, there is also some superb upscaling smarts that make lower quality inputs also look very good. The LED zones help to keep the dark areas black and the light areas bright with minimal bleed between the two. Edges are sharp, colors are punchy and the refresh rate is fast.

This TV comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, called Motion Rate 240, which does do well to smooth out images even for faster video from the likes of sport and gaming. There are modes and personalization effects you can use but it really just works well when left to do its thing.

There are complaints that the peak brightness could be higher as this will help to bring out the color punch even more. It also helps with realizing the full potential of an HDR input. 

Hisense H9G ULED TV review: Sound

  • 30W Harman Kardon speakers
  • Dolby Digital Plus surround

The audio on the Hisense H9G isn't something to shout about. But then very few slimline TVs do offer sound that gets you excited. That said the voice clarity is decent and the balance is well managed thanks to the Harman Kardon speakers intelligently distributing sounds in a well-balanced way.

Hisense H9G

(Image credit: Hisense)

The problem is a lack of bass, something most modern TVs suffer from. This television does offer Dolby Digital Plus support but that's not massively impressive on the minimal amount of power the speakers can manage. That said, you can turn this up loud and the quality will remain decent, so this is very capable as a TV on its own.

But add a soundbar or a surround sound home theater system, using HDMI or optical out, and you can enhance the experience to make it far more immersive. 

Hisense H9G ULED TV review: Design and build

  • Chromecast built-in
  • Basic remote
  • Awkward stand

While picture quality and sound are decent, it's the design where issues arise. They're not big issues but rather niggles that could annoy some people. The design itself is gorgeous for the price with a super slender screen and minimal bezel that looks great in any room. Even the stand looks minimal and modern. 

Hisense H9G

(Image credit: Hisense)

The problem is that stand is a bit spaced out. As such you need a lot of space to accommodate the legs – so don't expect to perch this on the edge of a unit or discreetly in a cove area. 

The other gripe is with the remote. While it does the job well and has all you could need - even dedicated Netflix and YouTube buttons – it does look very basic. The button feel isn't very premium and, in all honesty, it's clear that this is one area money was saved to get you that low TV price. 

There have been reports of some issues connecting Bluetooth headphones directly to the TV. This is quite often a problem on many brands and models so it's not a stand out issue. Also it's usually fixed quickly with updates, but we thought it worth a mention. 

The operating system is great, with Google TV running the show. That means a huge selection of easily accessible Android apps are available to you. It also means lots of updates to make sure you're always getting the latest and greatest. You even get to enjoy Chromecast built-in and DLNA for all your streaming needs. 

Should you buy the Hisense H9G?

If you want to keep your spend relatively low but still get a picture quality that competes with the most high-end TVs on the market, then the Hisense H9G is the model for you. Enjoy 4K and HDR with Dolby Vision support as well as Chromecast built-in and a sleek minimal bezel design, all for less.

Of course if you want the very best brightness and clarity you'll need to pay more. Also if you want better audio onboard you might want to consider something like the Sony A9G or buying a soundbar with your TV.

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