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Pros / The Arrowmounts AM-P18S can tilt 15 degrees and swivel 60 degrees to the left and right.

Cons / This wall mount cannot hold more than 165 pounds.

 Verdict / The Arrowmounts AM-P18S is a durable and sleek mounting device. The swivel capabilities are a benefit, and the easy installation enhances this TV mount even more.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

After investing in that dream TV, you want a TV wall mount that is durable and offers the features and specifications you need for the ultimate protection and viewing experience. The Arrowmounts AM-P18S is a strong TV mounting device that can hold 30-inch to 60-inch TVs. This TV wall mount offers outstanding tilting capabilities, along with swivel options, so no matter where you sit, you always have the best view of your TV screen. Additionally, the AM-P18S is simple to install, and all the instructions and guidance you need are included with this mounting device.


The Arrowmounts AM-P18S is designed to fit most large flat-screen TVs. As mentioned before, this TV wall mount can hold TVs between 30 and 60 inches. They can also weigh up to 165 pounds. We were disappointed with the weight capacity of this product, because it is more limiting than many similar wall mounts.

The AM-P18S is made from heavy-gauge cold steel. This design gives the mount its strength and durability. Using this mount, your TV hangs approximately 3 inches from the wall, which is farther out than many similar products on our lineup, but still close enough to provide the TV with a clean and sleek look.

The wall mount can tilt 15 degrees, providing excellent viewing options. Additionally, it can swivel 60 degrees to the left and right. These swivel capabilities are a highlight of this wall mount and a feature you will not find in many similar wall mounts.

Ease of Installation

Arrowmounts' AM-P18S offers all of the features we like to see in the best TV wall mounts. These features make the installation process simple and fast. The packaging includes all of the mounting hardware that you need, so no extra purchases are necessary. It also features snapping wall brackets and a built-in bubble level to ensure the TV mount is installed perfectly on your wall.

This TV mounting does not come with a stud finder, which is something a few similar products include. This would have made the installation process even faster but it is not a necessity.


To keep the overall appearance of your TV clean and modern, the Arrowmounts AM-P18S features a cord management system so your cords are not in the way. This TV mount also features a horizontal adjustment bar. This is great for adjusting your TV's position without remounting the entire thing.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or problems while installing or using the AM-P18S, telephone or live chat support is available on the Arrowmounts website. A user manual is available that provides all of the step-by-step directions and guidance you need for installing and continually using this TV wall mount.


The Arrowmounts AM-P18S is an excellent option if moving the TV screen to fit your viewing needs is a priority. The swivel and tilting capabilities are a highlight of this device, along with the sleek and durable design. This TV wall mount is very simple to install, and if any problems do arise, you can consult the user manual or take advantage of this product's customer support. If you want to hang your large TV in style, the Arrowmounts AM-P18S is worth your consideration, as it's one of the best TV wall mounts on our lineup.

Arrowmounts AM-P18S Visit Site