Hiku is a nifty little device that makes creating your shopping list as simple as pressing a button. In fact, that is exactly how Hiku works. Hold down the spin-finished aluminum button and the Hiku will scan the barcode of the product you need to buy. Hiku then sends that information to an online database that you can access with the Hiku grocery list app from your iPhone when you are ready to go shopping. Don't have the empty soup can handy? Hiku has voice recognition, too, so you can say the product you want to add to your list and Hiku will add it to the list that way. The simplicity and usability of this device is what makes Hiku a good Christmas gift idea.

Hiku eliminates all the extra steps of turning on your iPhone, flipping through to find the app, opening the app and then meticulously entering in each item to your list. It also cuts down on misplaced sticky notes, crumpled paper lost at the bottom of your purse and the headache of tracking down a working pen. Since the data is stored on the cloud, every member of your family can use the Hiku app and access the grocery list with their own iPhone. If you need your husband to grab a few things from the store on his way home, use Hiku to create a list he can easily access.

This product is still in the beta stages. This means that while the Hiku works great, there are additional features in the works that will become available for both new and existing users. One feature is the ability to link to your local store, send them your shopping list and let them do the shopping for you.

The Hiku can stay on your refrigerator with a tight holding magnet. The soft silicone back means the Hiku will not scratch the finish of your appliance. The Hiku can also stand up on your counter or pantry shelf, if that is more convenient for you. Either way, the Hiku will be ready anytime you need to add an item or two to you grocery list.

The Hiku has a rechargeable Li-ion battery that you can plug the Hiku directly into your PC or laptop for charging via the included USB cable. However, you won’t need to recharge it often – the Hiku has a power-standby mode that will save enough power to allow you to use your Hiku for over two months on a single charge.

The Hiku makes a good gift for the grocery shopper of the family. The barcode scan and voice recognition features cut down on the need for paper or the extra steps of using a traditional grocery app. The long-life rechargeable battery and the tight-hold magnet make this a good Christmas gift that you will use over and over again.