Keeping track of all the mobile gadgets that accumulate in our lives can be a challenge. Having one place to contain, transport and even organize them is a beautiful thing. The Tylt Energi+ Backpack does just that, but it doesn’t stop there. It also charges those gadgets for you as you walk to class or drive to work. It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate Christmas gift for your college-bound child or a spouse who loves to camp but hates leaving the digital devices behind. If you’ve ever been on the go with a device that's about to die, you can appreciate the convenience of a bag that stores some of your gear while charging three digital devices simultaneously.

The wow factor when your son, daughter or spouse rips off the wrapping paper to reveal a backpack will not be exactly off the charts at first, but when they take a closer look and see what it can do, their excitement will mount. They will grab iPods, smartphones, tablets and laptops to put it the test.

The backpack comes with three cables to plug into the three USB connectors on the battery which fits in a snug pocket in the center compartment of the bag. The center compartment unfolds to lay flat. This gives you easy access to each of eight sturdy flexible loops through which you route the cables from various compartments in the backpack to keep them separate, untangled and organized while the battery charges your devices.

This backpack is like a well-organized bunker with discreet passageways all leading to the main control center. There are five pass-through openings connecting the main control compartment with pockets and compartments throughout the backpack.

There are separate pockets for smartphones, iPods, tablets and laptops, each with its own pass-through slot. There is also a protective pocket at the top of the pack, with its own pass-through, where you can store sunglasses and any other mobile devices that may not fit anywhere else, or the iPod you want to listen to as you walk to class. Two additional outside pass-throughs connect to the charger and headphone ports respectively.

The backpack is well padded and lightweight, even with the battery pack, which weighs more than the backpack itself. Even with the addition of a laptop, it doesn’t feel weighted down. The shoulder pads and the back panel are nicely padded and provide a comfortable fit for virtually any back. It has enough compartments to safely store and charge all of your devices along with some space for books and other equipment you need to carry around. While it makes good use of its space, it is on the small side and doesn’t have a lot of extra room for those non-tech items.

The battery will take seven to eight hours to charge using your own USB wall or car charger, since neither charger is included in the package. The battery pack can start charging other devices when it is only 50 percent charged itself. And it packs a punch. It charged a power-depleted Kindle more quickly than the average charge from a wall outlet. The battery pack will shut off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve battery life, so it only expends energy when it’s doing its job.

The Energi+ Backpack is the ultimate multi-task facilitator that can charge up to three digital devices at once. As you walk to class, your iPod can charge in the left pocket while your laptop is energized from a large pocket directly across from the battery pack. This can all happen on your back as you listen to music or text a friend from a smartphone that is charging via a pass-through opening from the outside. It has separate pockets for each device with their own pass-through slots to the main control panel. It would be nice if there was a little more space for other non-tech items, but overall it is a great multi-functional, high-tech backpack. It is the perfect gift for techies and students alike.

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