While Giftcard Zen offers special consideration for bulk buyers and sellers, it has several shortcomings. You are limited to searching for gift cards strictly by retailers. Additionally, you cannot sell electronic gift cards to the service. With so many limitations, it may not be the best gift card exchange service unless you are buying or selling in bulk.

The service accepts most gift cards, as long as their value falls between $1 and $2,000. Giftcard Zen does not specify a maximum percentage it pays for cards. The price it offers varies on the type of card you are selling, the card balance and the current demand for such a card. Likewise, the site does not advertise its maximum discounted cards. However, it lists the retailers and the highest discounted card you can get for each one.

If you are wondering if you can exchange electronic gift cards with this service, Giftcard Zen sells them, but they do not purchase electronic cards. Since you can only sell standard gift cards, shipping costs extra, and unfortunately Giftcard Zen does not cover those costs associated with the gift card exchange.

The service only offers payment for your cards through PayPal. After your card is sold, Giftcard Zen will send you your payment in 10 to 14 business days.

Unlike many gift card exchange sites, Giftcard Zen has a program for both bulk sellers and buyers. The program includes quicker payments, electronic gift cards and a personal representative that works with you. With bulk buying, gift cards frequently run out of stock, so the service notifies buyers via email when a retailer’s gift cards become available again.

The support section of Giftcard Zen’s website offers several different forms of contact, including a phone number and an online contact form. In addition, the site has an extensive FAQs page. If you have questions about how to exchange gift cards with any sense of security, this site offers a guarantee with each of its cards to ensure that the exchange process runs smoothly.

If you have physical cards that you want to sell or are interested in bulk gift card orders, Giftcard Zen may be a great service for you. Otherwise, you’re better off using the top site for selling, Cardpool, or the top site we researched for buying gift cards, Raise.

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