GiftCardBin is a standard service that buys and sells gift cards. If you are uncertain about how to exchange gift cards, you will be pleased to see this site has few restrictions on the gift cards it purchases from you. It does, however, have a minimum exchange amount of $10 and a maximum of $300, but the service does not charge any additional fees, and it even accepts gift cards with expiration dates. As a buyer, you can find cards on its site discounted as much as 33 percent.

This gift card exchange service will buy a gift card from you for up to 93 percent of its original value, slightly more in trade than many of its competitors. GiftCardBin pays for your cards either with cash or through PayPal. Unlike other gift card services, this company has stores scattered throughout the country where you can exchange your gift cards in person and eliminate the hassle of shipping.

This gift card exchange site houses hundreds of gift cards issued by different retailers. If any retailer's card is out of stock, the service has a useful alert system to notify you when cards become available again. This service specializes in buying and selling physical cards and covers all shipping costs. However, there is also an eCard option, and you can get a virtual card sent to your account within two business days.

GiftCardBin has a large inventory of cards and an effective search tool to help you find the cards you want. Aside from a general search function, you can narrow your search even further by retailer and category. The site shows how many gift cards each retailer has and the highest discounts offered for that retailer. You can also shop by category, discount, favorites and store.

This gift card exchange site has several support options. You can contact them via phone or email, and the contact page connects to a knowledgebase with FAQs and articles to help you become an expert at the process of buying and selling gift cards online. 

GiftCardBin accepts most gift cards, even ones with expiration dates. While it specializes in buying and selling physical gift cards, it also has an eCard option. You can search for cards using several categories to narrow your search. This service also has the rare distinction of dealing with cards that have expiration dates. Overall, this is a multifaceted site with many options.

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