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Plastic Jungle Review

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PROS / You have the choice of multiple payment options such as cash, PayPal and Amazon.com gift cards.

CONS / Plastic Jungle does not have a bulk buyers or sellers program.

 VERDICT / Plastic Jungle has one of the largest selections of gift cards. Plastic Jungle makes buying and selling gift cards a breeze.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Plastic Jungle has taken away that dreadful feeling of receiving a gift card that you know you will never use. This gift card exchange service is one of best site on the internet to sell or exchange your unwanted gift cards. With such a large selection of gift cards, you may even find one that you want to buy at a discounted price. These are just a few of the reasons that Plastic Jungle received our respect.

Plastic Jungle

Buying & Selling

If you want cash for your unwanted gift cards, Plastic Jungle pays up to 92 percent of a gift card's balance. You won't be able to sell a card to Plastic Jungle unless it has a minimum balance of $25.

Plastic Jungle is one of the few gift card sites we've reviewed that gives you multiple payment options. If you don't want to exchange your gift card for another, you can choose to receive a mailed check, a payment directly into your PayPal account or an Amazon gift card. With most gift cards, if you don't want the hassle of mailing your gift card to Plastic Jungle, you have the option to send the gift card information electronically.


Plastic Jungle buys, sells and even exchanges gift cards – all with the convenience of free shipping. Once you sell a gift card to them, you simply print the pre-paid shipping label and send it off. In some instances, Plastic Jungle does not require you to mail in the gift card you are selling, eliminating that step and making the process and transaction even faster. We really like this feature because it makes the service hassle free and quick. You just enter the gift card information online and you're done.

If you don't want to sell your gift card for cash or a PayPal account payment, Plastic Jungle gives you the choice of a number of exchange options. You can exchange your gift card for an Amazon or CVS gift card, United Airlines MileagePlus miles, U.S. Bank FlexPerks points or a Zeevex card.

If you're looking for a gift card to purchase and don't see the one you're looking for, you can sign up for email notifications to receive an alert when one becomes available in their inventory.

Plastic Jungle has its Facebook and Twitter connections right on the homepage – a feature we like. This way, if you want to see what people are saying about the company in the world of social media, all you have to do is click on the icons and you'll instantly be connected to its social media pages.

Plastic Jungle offers a plethora of gift card categories and an amazing selection of gift cards. Plastic Jungle's variety is something we really like about the company. It sells or buys more than 400 retail brands of gift cards, so you won't have a problem selling a gift card or finding a gift card to purchase. Even though the selection will vary from time to time, the number of categories that Plastic Jungle offers always provides an excellent variety.

Search Options

Navigating the Plastic Jungle website is simple. The layout and overall presentation make it easy to find the information you need quickly. You can search the inventory and even get a quote on a gift card you want to sell without setting up an account, but in order to proceed with a purchase or to sell a gift card, you will need to set up an account, which is also simple.

When you're searching for a gift card to purchase, Plastic Jungle has made it easier than any other gift card exchange service. You can search for a specific gift card in a number of ways – by price, card type (physical or electronic), category, merchant – or you can simply type a keyword or brand name in the general search bar.

You can expect Plastic Jungle's buying and selling process to be a little lengthy, as it can take some time for your transactions to be processed. According to Plastic Jungle's policies, you will receive the gift card you purchased within three weeks from the date of purchase. You will receive payment for any gift card you sell within three weeks from the date that Plastic Jungle verifies the validity of the card you are selling.

Help & Support

Plastic Jungle offers you a guarantee regardless of whether you're buying or selling. If you're selling a gift card, Plastic Jungle guarantees that you will receive payment promptly. However, Plastic Jungle will not pay you for your gift card until it has been received and the balance has been verified. The policies related to the guarantees are easily accessible on the company's website.

For questions or feedback, you can contact the customer service department via email or fill out an online form and submit a request. You can also connect with Plastic Jungle via social media on its Facebook and Twitter pages, and its blog offers articles on many different subjects. The company terms and conditions are also available for you to reference, along with frequently asked questions.


You won't have to worry or stress the next time you get a gift card that you know you won't use. Plastic Jungle will buy your gift card from you and give you cash, or you can exchange it for a number of other options. With a large and very impressive inventory size, there's a pretty good chance that Plastic Jungle accepts the gift card you want to sell, and you certainly won't have any trouble finding a gift card to purchase.

Plastic Jungle