Pros / The BreatheSmart has a sophisticated filter monitor and air sensor, which helps this model clean pollen and dust in mid-size to large rooms.

Cons / The optional ionizer can be harmful to lungs, especially if you have breathing-related issues.

 Verdict / The Alen BreatheSmart is a great air purifier because of its many excellent air-cleaning features.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Air Purifiers here.

This excellent air purifier allows you to forget that you even own it. It senses the air quality and adjusts its fan to maintain a clean indoor environment. The Alen BreatheSmart integrates itself perfectly into any room with its fantastic air sensor and easy operation features. This unit has a simple user interface with only a few control buttons on the top panel, and it has some interesting and advanced technology that maximize its efficiency.

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Cleaning Capabilities & Modes

The Alen BreatheSmart is designed for mid-size to large rooms. The large fan spins a little slower than other room air purifiers, but this slow speed does not hurt its ability to cycle air. The Alen BreatheSmart's noise level is higher than the average medium to small-room air purifiers, but compared to most large-room air purifiers, the noise is not significant. In our tests, we found that the BreatheSmart's noise is especially noticeable when it is automatically adjusting its fan speeds.

The Alen BreatheSmart is best suited for mid-sized rooms. In larger rooms, it will still clean the air, but not as quickly as you may need. This unit's CADR ratings, which indicate how well the air purifier removes smoke, dust and pollen, are higher than many other air purifiers for home use, and it's especially efficient at removing pollen. In fact, Alen is so confident in the BreatheSmart's pollen-removal ability that the company offers a 60-day Allergy Relief Guarantee, promising to give you a full refund and pay for return shipping if you are not completely satisfied with its ability to remove allergens.


The Alen BreatheSmart has all of the basic safety features that we looked for, including filters that meet HEPA requirements, which means that they clean 99.97 percent of allergens from the air. The BreatheSmart has an optional ionizer, which charges oxygen atoms with a positive or negative charge as they pass through the ionizer. These charged atoms attract particles in the air, allowing the filter to easily capture these larger particles. It is important to note that charged particles produced from ionizers can harm sensitive lungs, and they may exacerbate breathing-related issues. Fortunately, the ionizer can be turned off and the California Air Resource Board (CARB) certifies the BreatheSmart as a product that is safe to use in your home. To be certified by CARB, air purifiers must meet an emission limit of 0.050 parts per million. The BreatheSmart is also Energy Star verified and has an Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Listed Mark.

Energy & Certifications

The Alen BreatheSmart has a sophisticated filter monitor, allowing you to maximize the filter's lifespan. While many air purifiers only monitor the fan speed and track how long the filter should last, the BreatheSmart's monitor also factors information from the air sensor. This sensor shows the air quality through a three-color LED display. If the air is clean, the fan runs at a lower speed, and if the sensor picks up more particles, the fan speeds up to capture the pollutants. This automatic speed control is very useful because you don't have to worry about changing settings all the time, and it allows you to use the same filter for a longer period of time.

There are two primary ways to operate the BreatheSmart. If you decide to make it an active air purifier, the air sensor will constantly adjust the fan speeds. However, if you don't want to use as much energy, the automatic mode sets the air purifier on an operation timer. After at least four hours of operation, the BreatheSmart goes into a sleep mode and stops filtering air until you turn it back on.

Finally, if you prefer to run your air purifier all the time but cannot sleep with it running on Turbo, you can set the BreatheSmart to night mode. This mode turns down the LED lights and brings the fan to its lower speeds. This way, you can still clean the air in your room, but you won't have to deal with the noise of regular operation.


The Alen BreatheSmart is an excellent air purifier, thanks to its strong functionality and great features. The unit has a higher noise level, but its sleep and night modes help you manage the noise level while removing indoor pollutants. The air sensor helps to control the BreatheSmart's fan and works with the filter monitor to maximize your filter's life. The filters this unit uses meet HEPA requirements, and effectively clean indoor air. The Alen BreatheSmart is one of the best air purifiers on the market.

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