Dyson Purifier Cool review

Sleek and stylish, the Dyson Purifier Cool is the ideal air purifier for people who want smart, connected devices in their home.

Dyson Purifier Cool being tested in writer's home
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The Dyson Purifier Cool's sleek design has the wow factor, but its high price tag may make it out of reach for people on a smaller budget.


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    Stylish, iconic design

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    Powerful performance

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    Smart, connected features


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    Higher settings can be noisy

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Our Dyson Purifier Cool review examines how well this air purifier performs against its cheaper competitors, of which there are many. If you’re priced out of buying this purifier, check out our best air purifier buying guide for more options. 

Dyson claims only its purifiers feature Air Multiplier™ technology alongside the industry gold standard True HEPA H13 filtration system. This means the Dyson Purifier Cool can pull distant pollutants into the device while simultaneously pumping out purified air. The purifier also features an activated carbon filter to remove unpleasant odors and gases, such as cooking and pet odors.

Key Specs

Dimensions: H 41” x D 4.72” x W 8.7”

Weight: 11 lbs

Filters: True HEPA 13 filter

Max noise: 73 dB

Coverage: 800 sq feet

Modes: 10 settings + auto, night mode

Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

Energy Star Certified: Yes

Undoubtedly, the Dyson Purifier Cool comes with all the bells and whistles one expects from the company that reinvented the humble hairdryer. Featuring integrated sensors that analyze the air, the purifier shares the data on an LCD or via the connected Dyson Link app. 

The Dyson Purifier Cool also features a fan, which helps cool rooms in hot weather, with the bonus of purified air. Users can simply switch the fan feature off on cooler days. There’s no need to worry about where to put this purifier either, as its 350-degree oscillation means it can be placed anywhere you like without compromising performance.

The Dyson Purifier Cool is designed to cover large spaces; it has a range of up to 800 square feet. This makes it a great choice for homes with larger rooms or office spaces.

Dyson Purifier Cool: Price & availability

  • Price: $549.99 / £499.99 
  • Warranty: 2-year parts and labor

The Dyson Purifier Cool comes with 2-year parts and labor warranty. At hundreds of dollars, this air purifier’s price tag places it at the top end of the market for air purifiers.

You can buy the Dyson Purifier Cool via the Dyson website or at selected retailers. Limited-time offers sell out quickly, so if you’re shopping around, snap up a good deal before it’s gone. 

Dyson Purifier Cool being tested in writer's home

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Dyson Purifier Cool: Setup

You’ll need half an hour to set up the Dyson Purifier Cool. It has a QR code allowing users to access the manual, register the machine, and find customer support services. You’ll also want to download the Dyson Link app, available on Google Play and Android, which you can pair to the purifier to control and monitor your home’s air quality data. You can pair the Dyson Purifier Cool with compatible voice services, such as Alexa, which lets you power the fan on and off and change your settings without lifting a finger.

If you don’t want to use an app or voice-enabled control, you can simply use the remote control, which handily attaches itself to the top of the device via a magnet so it never gets misplaced. 

The Dyson Purifier Cool has a cord length of 6 feet, which is enough to plug into most sockets without excess cordage becoming a tripping hazard. 

Dyson Purifier Cool being tested in writer's home

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Upon opening the recyclable packaging, simply fit the HEPA filter and replace the cover on the machine before powering it on. 

The LCD will flicker to life, toggling between icons that show you a wealth of information about the air you’re breathing, including:

Users can flip between the icons manually using their remote control or check the same real-time data via their app.

Dyson Purifier Cool: Design

The Dyson Purifier Cool is one of the sleekest, most stylish air purifiers available. It’s available in two colorways: white/silver or black/nickel. It’s certain to be a talking point in any room, and its simple color scheme means it can blend with most interior decor styles. However, people with limited space may find the Dyson Purifier Cool too large for their room. 

Although light enough to lift with one hand, the Dyson Purifier Cool is sturdy enough not to worry about your pets or kids knocking it over. Its contemporary, bladeless cooling loop perched above a silver perforated cylinder looks great from afar and up close.

Dyson Purifier Cool being tested in writer's home

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Dyson Purifier Cool: Performance

  • 10 power settings, plus night and auto mode 
  • Noisy at highest settings 
  • Didn’t perform as well as expected 

The Dyson Air Purifier Cool has ten power settings, an auto mode, and a night mode. Auto mode uses onboard sensors to detect particles and adjust settings to work efficiently. The purifier also features a sleep timer to power off the device when you’re going to bed if the quietly purring night mode isn’t quiet enough for you.

This purifier claims to clean up to 800 sq. ft., making it ideal for homes with large rooms and office spaces. 

Image shows a closeup of the controller that comes with the Dyson Purifier Cool.

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We tested the Dyson Purifier Cool over three 30-minute trials, using an air particle counter before, during, and after testing in a sealed room measuring 323 square feet.

Our first trial examined how well the purifier performed when tackling ambient air quality. At a lower setting (level 6), we found it removed 62% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns and 86% smaller than 2.5 microns. At the purifier’s highest setting (level 10), we found it removed 96% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns and 95% smaller than 2.5 microns. Level 10 is the noisiest setting, clocking in at around 73 decibels. This is similar to the sound of a dishwasher.

Our second test evaluated how well the purifier removed particles caused by burning five incense cones simultaneously. Performing slightly better this time, the Dyson Purifier Cool removed 89% of particles smaller than 2.5 microns and 97% of particles measuring smaller than 10 microns at level 6. At level 10, these figures were both 95%.

Our last trial involved burning matches to release particles into the air. Again, the Dyson Purifier Cool didn’t live up to its manufacturer's claim that it can remove 99.95% of particles. This time, at level 6, 72% of particles smaller than 2.5 microns and 73% of those measuring smaller than 10 microns were removed. But at level 10, these figures increased significantly, to 96% and 100%. 

Based on these at-home tests, we found that to be effective during short bursts, the Dyson Purifier Cool must be on its highest setting, which may be too noisy for some households and offices. Although having the air purifier on for longer may significantly improve these results, it’s worth noting that a much cheaper air purifier, such as the Levoit 400S, was able to remove more air particles in the same amount of time during our testing. 

Dyson Purifier Cool: User reviews

On Home Depot, the Dyson Purifier Cool scores a respectable 4.2 out of five stars. Negative reviews point to the purifier’s noisiness when in use, while others say the fan feature doesn’t work as well as a standalone Dyson fan. 

However, positive reviewers are impressed at how easy it is to integrate the Dyson Purifier Cool with other smart devices. Many people with allergies also praise it, saying their symptoms have improved within a few days of use. And, of course, users love the stylish design. 

Should you buy the Dyson Purifier Cool?

If you’re looking for an air purifier to impress with its sleek design and smart, connected technology, the Dyson Purifier Cool could be for you. Overall, user reviews are positive, especially from people who have allergies due to poor air quality. And when it comes to showing you real-time data on your ambient air quality, it can’t be beaten by any of the other purifiers we tested. 

But the Dyson Purifier Cool doesn’t come cheap. And its hefty price tag seems excessive, given its performance in our at-home tests. If you also want a decent fan, you may be disappointed at its lack of power, while its noisy high settings may put you off buying it for a quiet home or office space. 

How does the Dyson Purifier Cool compare?

If you want a similar performance to the Dyson at a cheaper price, then why not try the Levoit 400S? With a connected app showing real-time air quality and an ultra-quiet sleep mode, this air purifier is still affordable but performed better in our at-home tests.

If you still need an air purifier for a large space but the Dyson Purifier Cool blows your budget out of the water, look at the Blue Pure 211+. It can tackle areas of up to 600 square feet and is around half the price of the Dyson.

If you’re looking for a smaller air purifier that fits on a desktop or shelf, the KOIOS EPI810 may be the one for you. Compact and convenient enough to travel with, it can be taken with you wherever you go.

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