Pros / The Alen Paralda has a sleek interface with simple touch controls.

Cons / This air purifier has poor filtration capabilities, so it's only useful in very small rooms.

 Verdict / The Alen Paralda has an interesting and small design that won't take up too much space, but its poor filtration makes it a poor choice for all but the smallest of rooms.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Air Purifiers here.

A tower air purifier takes up very little space and cleans pollutants and particles out of the air. Unfortunately, so many of them look sterile and medical. The Alen Paralda is a stylish air purifier, thanks to its beautiful design and sleek touch controls. This air purifier only has the power to clean the air in smaller rooms, and the fan makes a lot of noise at its highest setting. However, Alen stands behind the Paralda with a satisfaction guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

The Alen Paralda lacks the power to purify your entire home, but in the right room it does a great job cleaning harmful particles out of the air. In a 250-square-foot room, the Paralda changes the air four times per hour. Unfortunately, the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is lower than we like to see, with a 97 CADR for tobacco smoke, a 107 CADR for dust and a 114 CADR for pollen. However, in very small rooms, the Paralda will clean the air efficiently, thanks to its pre-filter, operation schedule and optional ionizer.

Our only major problem with this device comes from its noise levels. Usually, the noise level is directly proportional to the airflow. For example, other air purifiers that produce this much noise move air at a rate of more than 200 cubic feet per minute. The Paralda's airflow is only 118 cubic feet per minute.

The Alen Paralda has all of the safety features we look for in air purifiers. It meets HEPA requirements and is ozone-free. However, when you get past the safety features, it lacks many of the convenience features we look for. While there is a filter monitor to alert you when it's time to clean or replace your filter, the Paralda does not have an air-quality sensor or a sleep mode. You can schedule the unit to run at specific times and then turn the fan off for non-scheduled times, but the tower air purifier stays active all day.

Still, Alen is confident that the Paralda will fit your needs and adequately clean the air in your home. Alen gives you a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and promises that you'll notice a reduction in indoor allergens. After the guarantee, the company continues to support your air purifier with a limited lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong with your device, Alen will either fix or replace it at little cost to you. The warranty does not cover second owners or replacement filters. If you need help with your Paralda, representatives are available by phone and email, and the website offers downloadable user manuals and a FAQs section.

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The Alen Paralda is a stylish air purifier with good cleaning abilities and sleek design. Although it is best for small rooms, Alen stands behind its tower air purifier with a satisfaction guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty. The Paralda is missing some crucial features, such as an air-quality sensor and a sleep mode, but it has all the safety features that we look for. It makes more noise than we like, but in a small room, you'll notice a difference in the air quality.

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