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Holmes HAP726-U Review

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PROS / It is Energy Star rated and comes with a true HEPA filter.

CONS / The filters need to be replaced very regularly.

 VERDICT / The unit comes with few features, but it does clean a fairly large space efficiently.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Holmes HAP726-U

The Holmes HAP726-U air purifier has a fan that draws air into the front of the unit and releases it out the top when the air is clean. A pre-filter enhanced with Arm & Hammer technology captures large particles and odors, and regular carbon filters are also included. Once the air is free from odors- and large particles, it travels through a true HEPA filter for final purification before it is released back into your air. The HAP726-U can filter a room up to 256 square feet at a rate of 168 cubic feet per minute.

To be considered a true HEPA filter, an air purifier must be able to filter 99.97 percent of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Anything different can still be called a HEPA filter, but it isn’t a true HEPA. The Holmes HAP726-U is indeed a true HEPA filter, meeting all of the filtration requirements. It is also Energy Star rated for its compliance to energy efficiency guidelines and acceptable Clean Air Delivery Rate.

The Holmes HAP726-U CADR are as follows:

  • Tobacco Smoke- 168
  • Dust- 168
  • Pollen- 168

The CADR is based on a clean and efficient filtration, so to obtain air purification at these levels, be sure to change the carbon pre-filter every three to six months and the true HEPA filter at least every year. The inside of the air purifier can be cleaned, but don’t attempt to clean either the carbon pre-filter nor the true HEPA filter – neither should ever be cleaned and reused.

While the Holmes air purifier doesn’t have a remote control or an air quality sensor, there is a handy timer that allows you to run the filter for up to 16 hours without any intervention from you. Simply select the speed and time you would like on the control panel and let the air purifier do its thing. After the selected amount of time, the unit will automatically shut off. The control panel will also alert you when the filter needs to be changed. Another convenient feature is the HAP726-U’s ability to operate vertically or horizontally to best fit your environment.

When in need of assistance, you can contact Holmes via a phone number or support email address. We emailed Holmes with questions and received a reply back within a few days. Their website doesn’t have much to offer in the form of FAQs, but you can download a user manual for further assistance. The air purifier does come with a stellar warranty – five years from purchase date.


The Holmes HAP726-U is an air purifier with few features, but standard purification technology. It can clean a room up to 256 square feet in size and has a CADR of 168 for smoke, dust and pollen. Top all of that off with the included five-year warranty, and you have a product that will not only help you with indoor allergen removal, but an air purifier that will last a long time. You do have to change the filters quite regularly, so you will want to factor in the cost of replacement filters with the cost of the unit.

Holmes HAP726-U