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Hunter HEPAtech Review

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PROS / The Hunter HEPAtech uses three-stage filtration for maximum air cleaning.

CONS / The filter monitor recommends filter replacements based on how long an air filter has been in use, rather than its current level of effectiveness and cleaning capabilities.

 VERDICT / The Hunter HEPAtech is an affordable air purifier that is great for reducing indoor air pollutants.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Hunter HEPAtech

Many air filters offer middling performance but still cost hundreds of dollars. It stands to reason, then, that an affordable air purifier will have poor filtration. However, the Hunter HEPAtech offers the same level of purification capabilities that you might expect to see from expensive air purifiers. The Hunter air purifier we reviewed has excellent mid-size room filtration, but it lacks the convenience features we look for.

The Hunter HEPAtech uses a three-stage filtration system for maximum performance. First, air passes through an odor-catching carbon prefilter. The prefilter has a life of 1,400 hours, or about two months. Next, the air passes through the HEPAtech filter. This proprietary filter captures pollutants such as dust and pollen, and with a lifespan of 2,800 hours, it should last for nearly four months. Finally, the optional ionizer gives outgoing particles a negative charge, making them easier to catch on the next pass.

It is important to note that ionizers are good for capturing air, but they could cause more damage to lungs than the actual airborne particles. Ionizers generate a low level of ozone, and this can irritate sensitive lungs and exacerbate breathing-related problems. Also, negatively charged ions can damage healthy lungs. These concerns would not be a problem if the Hunter HEPAtech had an operation scheduler or a timer.

To keep the price low, the Hunter HEPAtech lacks many convenience features such as an auto mode, a remote control and an air-quality sensor. It does have a filter monitor, but this monitor is based on the amount of time the filters have been in use, not how capable they are of continuing to filter the air. The digital display shows two percentages that express the amount of time left for each filter.

On Hunter's website, you can read detailed FAQs and download user manuals. If you need to take advantage of the five-year warranty, you can contact customer support representatives by email and phone.


The Hunter HEPAtech is an affordable air purifier with excellent filtration. Its three-stage system includes an odor-reducing carbon prefilter, a pollutant-catching HEPAtech filter and an optional ionizer. It lacks many convenience features, but the Hunter HEPAtech is a great air purifier if you're on a budget.

Hunter HEPAtech