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5 Unique Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbooks are the perfect way to commemorate an occasion or create a place to store all of your memories during a specific phase in your life. With a scrapbook you can compile pictures, text, memento

Cute and Simple Baby Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbooks are a great way to make sure you find a special place for all of those sweet photos and mementos from your baby’s first year. A baby scrapbook helps you compile these items and preserve the

What Is Digital Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking has long been one of the best ways for people to commemorate events and periods in their lives. By compiling photos and mementos into one physical place, people can conveniently reflect o

Top 10 Sewing Tips

When you first learn how to sew, the various terms, tools and variety of sewing machines can be overwhelming. Luckily, when you begin to sew, you also join a vibrant community of experts who are full

Cricut Machines and Other Manual Die Cutters

Generally speaking, the ability to cut and craft without actual metal dies, or the cartridges that are packed with digital dies, is considered a good thing. Most crafters prefer a die-cut machine that

Ideas for Scrapbook Pages: From Practical to Personal

Event-Driven Scrapbook Pages Scrapbook your favorite wedding memories Scrapbook pictures and events from anniversaries Baby’s first anything—tooth, step, you name it—is always scrapbook–worthy Scrapb

Simple Tips for Superb Scrapbooking

To the casual observer, scrapbooking may appear to be merely a pastime, a way to express creativity while putting together pages to show off pictures of family, friends and important events. But a clo

Tangible Results: Consider the Possibilities with Digital Scrapbooking Software

Probably the most common goal when using digital scrapbooking software is an electronic photo album that you can share with friends and family online or in an email. When you consider how to scrapbook

Smilebox: Digital Scrapbooking Tools at Your Fingertips

Smilebox is different from traditional digital scrapbooking software in a number of ways, but it offers a very similar finished product – attractive, high-quality electronic scrapbooks. It also provid

Get Inspired: Creative Uses for Your Die Cutting Machine

Digital die cutting machines can bring out the creativity in everyone. The internet is filled with ideas for any project you could imagine – and many you never have. You will find countless cards and

Digital Die Cutting Machine Glossary: Paper Types, Embellishments & Fonts

Paper Stocks While the most traditional use of digital die cutting machines is to die cut cardstock for scrapbooking, cards and more, there are a number of other sheet materials you can cut for a vari

Cricut Software: DesignStudio vs. Sure Cuts A Lot vs. Make The Cut

While many craft and hobby enthusiasts absolutely love their Cricut die cutting system, the major complaint of the digital die cutting units is that they are too restrictive, only letting you cut a li

Die Cutting Machine Safety

With words like “slice” and “cutter” in their names, the latest craze in crafting devices may give parents and others pause as they consider the potential for accidents. Combine significant amounts of

More People Need to Scrapbook

In this hectic world filled with wars and economic worries, we often don’t take the time out of our days to immortalize the good things that are happening in our lives. No matter how bad your life mi

Digital Scrapbooking Hints & Helps

If you’re new to the world of digital scrapbooking (or are just looking for a refresher) here are some hints and tips to help you create polished layouts that do your memories justice. Software Exper

Scrapbooking the Many Faces of Your Home

Ok, you can’t stand that horrendous carpet in the living room or the nasty vinyl linoleum in the kitchen. Come to think of it, both rooms could use some sprucing up and maybe you’ll finally be able to

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