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Pros / This grill thermometer is faster at reading temperatures than most other thermometers.

Cons / Since you have to keep this thermometer tethered to your smartphone or tablet, it will drain its battery.

 Verdict / The Coal Range Smart Grill Thermometer is an incredibly useful gadget. It measures temperatures quickly and its app is easier to use than other thermometer apps.

Supermechanical's Coal Range Smart Grill Thermometer came to fruition after a successful Kickstarter campaign. It is extremely well-designed, and it is an interesting gadget. It doesn't require any transmitter or wireless receiver. Instead, it tethers to your iPhone or iPad by connecting to your headphone jack.

While this setup may be not be ideal to some, i.e., if you don’t want to risk getting your smartphone or tablet covered in cooking juices, using this BBQ thermometer was much simpler than almost every other thermometer we tested. The required app is free in Apple's App Store. Currently, there is no Android or Windows Mobile app.

The app is extremely modern, minimalistic and features a flat-design. It is very easy to use. Once you open the app, you are prompted with a quick tour that shows you how to operate it. The app features built-in temperature presets; you can choose from beef, pork, chicken or a burger right from the main page. You can be alerted for both rising and falling temperatures and, of course, when your meat is finished grilling. After selecting your type of meat, small bubbles pop up with different temperatures to express doneness levels. If you like your steak medium, just swipe left or right on the other temperature bubbles to push them aside and delete them. To set a timer, you drag your finger in a clockwise circle on your touchscreen. To cancel the timer, spin your finger counter-clockwise.

The Coal Range digital BBQ thermometer can withstand extreme temperatures, both cold and hot. More specifically, it can read temperatures from -40 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. We really liked how this digital grill thermometer's cord didn't feature braided metal cables like most other grilling thermometers. Instead, it has a soft, flexible cable that doesn't get twisted or bent but is capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures.

When we grilled four steaks – rare, medium-rare, medium and medium-well – we were able to easily cook them to the appropriate level, and the Range app did a fantastic job tracking the cooking process and alerting us when the steaks were near completion. The probe itself is much shorter than most, only three inches long. But it reads temperatures faster than other grill thermometers – almost as fast as instant-read digital meat thermometers.

  • Accuracy
  • Response Time
  • Highest Temperature
  • Length of Probe
  • Number of Probes Included
  1. The degree to which a measurement of temperature conforms to the correct value.
    Smaller range is better.
  2. 5  Coal Range
    ±1.0 °F
  3. ±1.0 °F
  4. ±2.0 °F
  5. ±2.0 °F
  6. Category Average
    ±1.5 °F


Supermechanical's Coal Range Smart Grill Thermometer works great; however, its biggest shortcoming is that it is tied to your iPhone or iPad. This can drain your device's battery, and you aren't free to roam around much since your phone is acting essentially as both the transmitter and receiver. This digital grill thermometer is incredibly accurate and is one of the easiest thermometers to set up and operate; however, it comes in at a pretty hefty price.

Coal Range Smart Thermometer Visit Site