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Pros / This grill thermometer has a unique talking feature that provides regular alerts when your food is almost ready, finished and overcooked.

Cons / The transmitter lacks a display.

 Verdict / The Oregon Scientific Grill-Right Talking Thermometer isn't just a novelty product, it is accurate and can help prevent your food from overcooking.

Oregon Scientific's Grill-Right Talking Thermometer is a digital grill thermometer that helps keep you unconfined from your grill. It uses a wireless transmitter that has a range of 330 feet, longer than almost all BBQ thermometers. The receiver's large display constantly updates you, so you can see the temperature of your grill without physically being there to monitor it. When your meat is finished cooking, it verbally alerts you.

This grill thermometer can read temperatures ranging from 32 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also switch to Celsius, if you prefer. The included probe measures 5.75 inches. Unfortunately, this digital BBQ thermometer only supports a single probe. Its cord is 40-inches long, which is plenty long if you have a larger grill.

The transmitter itself lacks a display, so all temperature information is relayed to the wireless receiver. The display is backlit, making it a good choice if you grill at night. You can select from eight different types of meat – pork, beef, lamb, veal, turkey, chicken, fish and other – and which doneness level you want – rare, medium-rare, medium and well-done. Medium-well is not a choice, but you can add your own temperature presets.

Oregon Scientific's Grill-Right Talking Thermometer actually talks. While you can't have conversations with it like you could with Siri or Cortana, it offers alerts in five different languages, including English, Spanish, German, French and Danish, when your meat is almost ready, ready and overcooked.

Oregon Scientific offers a one-year warranty with its grill thermometer as well as telephone and email support. You can also find a downloadable manual and FAQs on its website.

  • Accuracy
  • Response Time
  • Highest Temperature
  • Length of Probe
  • Number of Probes Included
  1. The degree to which a measurement of temperature conforms to the correct value.
    Smaller range is better.
  2. 8  Oregon Scientific Grill-Right Talking
    ±1.0 °F
  3. ±1.0 °F
  4. ±2.0 °F
  5. ±2.0 °F
  6. Category Average
    ±1.5 °F


The Grill-Right Talking Thermometer really helps keep you from constantly making trips to the grill to ensure your meat isn't overcooked. It has a large display, several adjustable settings and has a neat talking feature.

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