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Pros / You can fit 15 place settings on the three racks in this dishwasher.

Cons / This dishwasher doesn’t have any eco-friendly wash or dry functions.

 Verdict / The Bosch 500 Series SHX65T55UC includes basic wash cycles and options, but also has impressive energy efficiency and runs quietly.

The Bosch 500 Series SHX65T55UC dishwasher has some basic specifications, but it boasts a few attractive features that make it a solid choice. You can put up to 15 place settings in one load with this Bosch dishwasher, and it includes three racks. This unit also has a quiet operation with a low 44-decibel sound level.

The five wash cycles on this dishwasher are heavy, auto, normal, express and rinse – all of which are fairly standard on a modern dishwasher. The five additional wash options are delay, half load, delicate, sanitize and extra shine.

The dishwasher includes both a sanitize and a half load wash option. Its sanitize wash option is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and uses high-temperature water to make sure your dishes come out sanitized. You can use the half load option when you have a small load of dishes to run so you won’t have to run a full cycle and use water and energy that isn’t necessary.

This dishwasher also features an InfoLight, which will shine a red beam onto the floor to let you know that the dishwasher is currently running. The dishwasher also includes a third rack, which can hold flat and small items and allows the dishwasher to hold more.

This integrated dishwasher has the ENERGY STAR label and is a very energy-efficient appliance. You won’t find specific eco-friendly wash cycles or dry functions on this dishwasher, which is disappointing. However, according to the unit’s EnergyGuide, it is estimated to only cost you an annual $27 to operate.

Bosch provides excellent warranty coverage with this dishwasher. The first year you have the appliance, the parts and any labor will be covered. The first five years you have the dishwasher, the racks and electronics will be under warranty. A lifetime warranty protects the unit’s tub and door liner.

You can contact Bosch for help and support by phone or email. Additionally, Bosch makes available the unit’s user manual along with some FAQs and tutorials on its website for your reference.

  • Estimated Yearly Operating Cost
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  • Sound Level
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    Lower is better.
  2. 12  Bosch 500 Series
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  4. $31.0
  5. $27.0
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The Bosch 500 Series SHX65T55UC dishwasher has basic wash cycles and wash options you would expect to find on most dishwasher units, but it does boast a handful of features that make it a great option. It’s very energy efficient and operates quietly.

Bosch 500 Series SHX65T55UC Visit Site