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HAVA TDQR01 countertop dishwasher review

The HAVA TDQR01 is an extremely portable, economical, and full-featured countertop dishwasher that would be ideal for any small apartment, dorm, or RV.

HAVA TDQR01: Image shows countertop dishwasher with blue light.
(Image: © Amazon)

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The HAVA TDQR01 countertop dishwasher’s compact size, built-in water tank, and excellent cleaning performance more than make up for its slightly limited capacity for four place settings. Five wash cycles, a dry mode, and automated ventilation only add to this countertop dishwasher’s versatility and reliability.


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    Great cleaning performance

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    Slightly limited capacity

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    One color option

The HAVA TDQR01 countertop dishwasher from HAVA LAB is an easy contender for one of the most versatile, lightweight dishwashers currently available thanks to its wide choice of wash programs, compact size, and the option to choose between connecting the machine to a faucet or relying solely on the built-in water tank. Like with most of the best countertop dishwashers (opens in new tab), flexibility is especially valuable if you live in a small apartment or dormitory, where many of the best dishwashers (opens in new tab) we’ve reviewed simply won’t fit. The HAVA lends itself especially well to RV travelers who will enjoy the convenience of the built-in tank to wash dinnerware on the road.

HAVA TDQR01: Essential info

1. Faucet connection option
2. Built-in 1.3-gallon water tank
3. Top and bottom spray arms
4. 5 wash cycles
5. Dry mode
6. Fruit mode
7. Automatic ventilation over 72 hours
8. Suitable for pods, liquid or powder detergents
9. LCD touch control panel
10. LED light 

With capacity for four place settings, cutlery and approximately four to five cups or mugs, the HAVA TDQR01 would suit a single or small household comfortably, and the savings on energy and water the machine offers will please environment and cost-conscious consumers. Using just 1.3 gallons of water for a normal wash cycle, the HAVA TDQR01 uses around 75% less water than hand washing.

Its five wash cycles include Normal, ECO, Speed, Heavy/Baby Care and Fruit modes, as well as a Dry mode which adds an extra hour of drying after a wash. Should you need to leave the machine loaded and unattended for a spell, the TDQR01’s automatic ventilation feature will run every 75 minutes over the course of three days to prevent any unpleasant odors from developing.

Once you’ve connected the machine to the faucet or filled the water tank with 1.3 gallons of water - which you can do with the plastic pitcher included - controlling the HAVA is done via an LCD display. After you’ve added detergent and started your chosen wash cycle, the top and bottom spray arms project powerful 360-degree jets to clean your dishes, cups, and cutlery. The durable dual-layer glass window and blue LED lamp inside the machine means you can watch the cycle unravel.

HAVA TDQR01: How big is it?

  • Depth: 16.75 inches 
  • Width: 16.86 inches 
  • Height: 18.05 inches  

Despite its compact size, HAVA have certainly made the most of the TDQR01’s smaller dimensions to accommodate four place settings, with space to fit four 10-inch dinner plates, four 8-inch small plates, four cups, four serving bowls, and around seven sets of knives, forks, and spoons in the cutlery basket included.

The TDQR01 even includes a handy fruit basket for the Fruit rinse mode and a folding rack to place your cups on. It might be expecting too much from such a compact, portable dishwasher to assume you could wash larger pots alongside dinnerware, and HAVA don’t recommend you wash non-stick pans in it due to the powerful spray released from the twin spray arms.

HAVA TDQR01: How easy is it to install?

There’s no need to hire a plumber to connect the HAVA TDQR01 to the faucet, as the inlet hose, drain hose and hose collar included easily reach and fit the most standard faucets. Finding the right spot to locate your HAVA device in your home, dorm or RV is made super simple thanks to both the machine’s user-friendly faucet connection and the built-in 1.3-gallon water tank which eliminates the need to connect the dishwasher altogether. 

At 18 inches high, the HAVA should fit under most standard kitchen cabinetry. When you first set up the dishwasher, it’s recommended that you clean the filter screen protecting the water tank to remove any dust or debris that might have accumulated from the storage facility. After that, topping up the water tank is simple thanks to the water pitcher included.

HAVA TDQR01: Image shows countertop dishwasher with door open.

(Image credit: Amazon)

HAVA TDQR01: What’s good about it?

The HAVA TDQR01 has much in common with the Novete TDQR01 (opens in new tab) countertop dishwasher when it comes to design and dimensions. They’re both attractive, modern and unobtrusive to look at, and both offer very similar capacities, wash modes, and a blue LED-illuminated interior. It’s important to note that the blue glow from the LED lights could be disruptive in small spaces such as dorm rooms or RVs, preventing you from using the machine at night. 

The HAVA in particular benefits from an automatic ventilation mode which activates every 75 minutes for three days to prevent any odors that may build up.

Users rate the machine’s excellent washing performance, as the powerful spray arms and internal water heater seem to produce great results no matter what wash cycle you choose. It’s simple to select a setting, with many users impressed with the clean, crisp LCD control panel and simple user instructions.

It’s also a very quiet machine - especially compared to full-size dishwashers - and even beats one of the quietest countertop dishwashers emitting only 50 decibels, not much louder than the hum of a standard refrigerator.

That combined with its energy efficiency, as it uses 75% less water on a normal cycle than hand-washing, makes the HAVA TDQR01 a supremely economical portable dishwasher to run, but we would have liked to have seen an Energy Star certificate or similar credentials.

The HAVA TDQR01 also offers more support than some other portable dishwashers with an 18-month warranty, which provides a little more peace of mind than the limited one-year warranty you’ll find on the EdgeStar DWP62BL (opens in new tab)

HAVA TDQR01: What’s not so good?

While the HAVA TDQR01 countertop dishwasher offers freedom when it comes to locating and connecting your machine, it sacrifices convenience when it comes to capacity. Although it can adapt to four place settings, assorted cutlery and a few small cups, past that your options are somewhat limited. So long as you know what you’re likely to use the HAVA for and are content washing larger pans and pots by hand, then you shouldn’t encounter any nasty surprises.

HAVA LABS seem to have overestimated plate sizes on their website, and several users have reported that the 12-inch dishes they claim the machine can accommodate are in fact too large for the machine, so it’s worth keeping that in mind if you have larger dinnerware. 

Much like the Novete TDQR01 (opens in new tab), the stark blue LED illumination might not be to everyone’s taste and could prove to be inconvenient in small, single-room interiors. Curiously, Amazon states that neither an LED lamp nor a fruit basket are included with the white model (we can’t find the model in any other color) they sell, so depending on where you buy the TDQR01 it may be possible to purchase one without illumination.

HAVA TDQR01: User reviews

Overall, customers who bought the HAVA TDQR01 countertop dishwasher have been very impressed with the flexibility, performance and energy efficiency of the machine. A few customers commented how much more convenient it was to be able to fill the water tank rather than connect it to the faucet, offering far more freedom to place the dishwasher wherever they chose rather than have it take up space on a work surface near their kitchen basin. Several Amazon reviewers also found the HAVA TDQR01’s features and versatility as particularly helpful. 

I am amazed by this dishwasher! Everything came out spotless!

Amazon reviewer

There were very few complaints about the HAVA TDQR01’s limited capacity, however, some users expressed frustration at the machine’s inability to accommodate plates larger than 10 inches, despite HAVA LAB’s own website stating otherwise.  

HAVA TDQR01: Image shows countertop dishwasher

(Image credit: Amazon)

Should you buy the HAVA TDQR01 countertop?

The HAVA TDQR01 countertop dishwasher is a great option for anyone who would enjoy the flexibility offered by a compact, portable dishwasher. The ability to connect to a faucet rather than owning a machine permanently connected to your water supply is great, but the HAVA’s built-in water tank and compact dimensions enable you to locate the machine wherever it is most convenient for you. Road warriors will especially love the TDQR01’s suitability for RVs, making life that little bit easier whilst traveling. 

It also helps that the HAVA TDQR01 delivers all-round excellent cleaning performance across all five of its wash programs, and the Dry and Fruit Rinse modes are great additions as well. While a few users have been disappointed by the relatively limited capacity afforded by the HAVA TDQR01, most have been satisfied with the load the machine can accommodate.

Not everyone will like the blue glare of the LED lights, and there is confusion surrounding the availability of a white model only without a lamp, but for everyone else the HAVA TDQR01 is a full-featured, reliable and versatile countertop dishwasher which can only bring significant benefits to anyone without the space for a full-size dishwasher.

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