Pros / Sprayers positioned under the silverware bins target stuck-on food in the small spaces between each piece.

Cons / Warranty coverage is comparatively short for parts and labor.

 Verdict / The selection of cycles and overall efficiency of this dishwasher will allow you to get sparkling clean dishes using the least amount of water and power possible.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 reviews on Dishwashers here.

The GE CDT835SSJSS addresses the things that can be frustrating about even the best dishwashers in an attractive and efficient package. For instance, those who belong to both the handles-up and handles-down school of loading silverware would agree that silverware is the least likely to get totally clean during an average cycle. This dishwasher addresses that with a set of jets below the silverware basket that can blast off stuck-on food, even if you load them incorrectly. Another common problem is that bottles and other items with irregular shapes can remain virtually untouched in an average dishwasher's cycle. This GE unit has four bottle jets that reach up and inside the vases, sports bottles and other oddly shaped items to get them truly clean.

There are a lot of jets with this stainless steel dishwasher – 140 of them – and they are positioned at many different angles throughout the wash tub. Older dishwashers just have jets on the spray arms pointed upward. The GE CDT835SSJSS has them positioned on the side of the wash tub and along a spray arm that rotates in both directions in order to hit every inch of every dish.

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Energy Efficiency

This GE model does well in terms of energy efficiency. It has the shortest run time for a normal cycle of any unit in our dishwasher reviews at just 110 minutes. There are settings that will make it run longer than that, but at least you know the basic cycle is short, which can save you money. This unit is Energy Star certified through the Environmental Protection Agency. Also, it offers a specific eco-friendly cycle and an option for air-drying. All of these things combine to offer you an efficient way to clean your dishes.

Cleaning Options

With seven different cycles to choose from, you should be able to find one that suits the cleaning task at hand at any given moment with this dishwasher, though it is worth noting that some competitors offer even more choices for cycle types. Selecting the AutoSense cycle on this dishwasher actually represents an infinite number of cycle types because the run time will be adjusted based on how much soil is in the water. Once the water runs clear past the sensor, the unit will end the cycle, and that can come quickly if it is a lightly soiled load so you are not wasting energy to clean dishes that are already clean. There is even a steam pre-wash option, which is rare even when you compare top-rated dishwashers

Load Flexibility

This machine can hold up to 16 place settings, which is great for a large household or for when you have company. It will work fine for smaller households too, though, because you can choose to wash just the top rack of dishes if that is all you need done. The dishwasher will use less water than it would for a full load so you don't have to waste the water. The racks are adjustable as to height and there are fold-down tines that will help you accommodate oversized or odd-shaped items.

The one thing that would add to the load flexibility of this unit is a third rack, which some competitors offer at the top of the wash basin. That third rack can be nice for washing large utensils.


You can move the start time back as much as 12 hours from when you set it with this dishwasher, and that can be very convenient if your municipality offers cheaper electricity at night, or if you just want to plan your unloading times around your schedule. A child lock ensures you will get to keep the settings the way you like them.

Design & Dimensions

This is not the quietest dishwasher but it is very close. It only generates 45 decibels of sound. That is going to seem whisper-quiet if you are replacing an older unit, even though actual whispering only produces about 30 decibels. Other units in our dishwasher reviews produce between 42 and 55 decibels. There is just the one color available – stainless steel – so that might be inconvenient if all of your other appliances are white or black.

Warranty & Support

The warranty coverage for this dishwasher is underwhelming. It is only one year on all parts and labor. Some competitors offer many more years of coverage, at least on certain parts of the dishwasher. Some offer lifetime coverage on the tub and door liners. Customer support is decent in general, though. The manual is easy to find online, and customer service representatives are easy to find if you have other questions after looking at the manual.


The GE CDT835SSJSS is practically the perfect dishwasher, notwithstanding relatively short warranty coverage. This machine is built to last, so you might not even need to ever know about the warranty coverage. It will clean your dishes effectively, using only as much water and electricity as is absolutely necessary. The quantity and placement of the jets on this dishwasher ensure that even odd-shaped dishes and silverware that is stacked too tight will get a healthy flow of hot water and come out ready to use at the end of the cycle.

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