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Pros / The Kenmore Elite dishwasher offers several wash cycles, including energy-efficient options.

Cons / This dishwasher has a smaller capacity than most in our comparison.

 Verdict / Kenmore offers a wide variety of wash cycles and options in this energy-efficient model.

The majority of dishwashers on the market now are much quieter than previous generations, but the Kenmore Elite 12793 can back it up with the right number – the lowest decibel output of any in our dishwasher reviews. Other machines may have more features, but if you are looking specifically for quiet dishwashers this one is definitely worth a look.

This under-counter dishwasher has an impressive array of features, even though it is missing a few capabilities that we like, including a steam wash and a few specific options for drying. For instance, there is not a way to specifically select air drying as an option. There are other environmentally friendly features, though, including an ENERGY STAR designation and a smart cycle that adjusts the water and energy used based on soil levels and load size.

This is one of the smaller units in our comparison, with room for 12 place settings. Depending on your household, that will be plenty, though. Three racks can be nice for accommodating different loads, but there are just two racks with this machine. They are adjustable, though, and feature some fold-down tines, which will make it easier to fit odd-shaped items.

You can program this machine to start right away or in as much as 12 hours, which is nice if you live in a municipality that has incentives for off-peak-hours energy use. Running the machine late at night can save some money over time.

This is not one of the machines that offers a self-cleaning filter, so there will be a little more maintenance. You will have to remove and clean both parts of the filtering system once a month to maintain optimal performance.

This dishwasher features a stainless steel interior, which is associated with quieter operation. The stainless steel exterior is the only choice in terms of color, but it goes with most décor.

This is the only unit in our lineup that comes with a two-year labor warranty. Most manufacturers offer only one year. The warranty on Kenmore Elite 12793 parts, racks, electronics and the tub also are longer than most others in our comparison.

  • Estimated Yearly Operating Cost
  • Number of Cycles
  • Sound Level
  1. Estimation of yearly operating cost based on use with an electric water heater.
    Lower is better.
  2. 13  Kenmore Elite
  3. $32.0
  4. $31.0
  5. $27.0
  6. Category Average


The Kenmore Elite 12793 lacks a few conveniences that we like, including a self-cleaning filter and certain drying options, but the feature set is strong in general. This is one of the smaller units we compared so it might not be right for every household but will be great if you are looking for a really quiet dishwasher.

Kenmore Elite 12783 Visit Site