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LG Semi-Integrated LDS5540ST Review

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PROS / You can put up to 14 place settings into a single load, and you can adjust the racks to fit large dishes.

CONS / This dishwasher doesn’t have a heated dry function, and it lacks a rinse-only wash cycle.

 VERDICT / The LG Semi-Integrated LDS5540ST has basic wash cycles and wash options, and it runs efficiently.

The LG Semi-Integrated LDS5540ST dishwasher boasts a mix of basic and advanced features that make it a contender in our lineup of dishwasher reviews. This LG dishwasher also boasts energy efficiency and is among the most energy efficient models we reviewed. The sound level on this LG built-in dishwasher is higher than most on our dishwasher comparison, but it's still fairly quiet at 48 decibels.

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This dishwasher’s two racks allow you to fit up to 14 place settings at once in a single load. This dishwasher also has an adjustable racking system for its two racks. LG’s EasyRack Plus system allows you to shift the racks to conveniently fit large dishes on either top or bottom.

You get a choice of five wash cycles and six wash options with this unit, which is fairly standard but offers plenty of variety. You get the basic wash cycles on this LG dishwasher with power scrub, normal, delicate, quick and upper rack only. The upper rack only wash cycle is a rare convenience. This wash cycle will allow you to wash small loads of dishes without having to use unnecessary water and energy. The dishwasher also features a delay start function, which lets you delay a wash cycle for up to 19 hours.

This LG dishwasher unit doesn’t include an eco-friendly wash cycle, but it is ENERGY STAR qualified and has an eco-friendly dry function. While the unit lacks a heated dry function, its Hybrid Condensing Drying System dries the dishes without the use of a heating element with the heat that remains in the washtub after the cycle is complete, which saves energy.

According to the EnergyGuide, this unit should consume just 279 kilowatt-hours every year, which will cost you an estimated $27 annually. This makes it one of the least expensive units to operate.

You get a nice lengthy warranty with this dishwasher unit. The first year covers labor, while the first two years cover the parts on the appliance. Furthermore, the first five years you have the dishwasher, the racks and electronics on the unit are covered. A lifetime warranty backs the unit’s tub and door liner, and LG also throws in a 10-year warranty on the unit’s motor.

LG offers support for the dishwasher by phone, email and live chat. You can also view the dishwasher’s user manual and tutorials on LG's website.


The LG Semi-Integrated LDS5540ST built-in dishwasher offers basic wash cycles and wash options, and is incredibly energy efficient. It also has a useful rack adjustment system, which will allow you to adjust the racks to fit the specific dishes you are washing every time you do a load.