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Pros / You won’t have to prewash your dirty dishes before putting them in the dishwasher because the powerful rotating jets do the work for you.

Cons / There is no rinse-only wash cycle or option available on this dishwasher.

 Verdict / The vigorous jets on the Samsung DW80F800UWS make it one of the best dishwashers available.

Samsung may be known for its impressive televisions and other electronics, but it also excels on the major appliance side. The Samsung DW80F800UWS Top Control Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub is energy efficient and offers a strong feature set that competes well with the best dishwashers.

This integrated dishwasher can hold up to 15 place settings in one load on its two racks. This unit has three spray arms – instead of the standard two – to clean and sanitize your dishes. Additionally, the sound rating on this dishwasher is fairly low, at just 46 decibels, so it runs quietly.

You get six wash cycles and four wash options on this Samsung dishwasher, which isn’t a lot compared to some of the units in our dishwasher comparison, but it offers sufficient customization. However, it doesn't include a rinse-only wash cycle. Its six wash cycles are normal, heavy, delicate china/gentle, quick plus, smart auto wash, and a pots and pans wash cycle. Additionally, its four wash options include power wash, delay start, sanitize and half load.

This Samsung dishwasher has a StormWash cleaning function. Powerful rotating spray jets on the bottom of the unit clean effectively enough to make presoaking and prewashing unnecessary, which makes doing dishes a fast process. The dishwasher also features a sanitize option. You can select this wash option with any of the wash cycles except the delicate cycle, and it is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation to sanitize your dishes by using high temperature water.

This Samsung dishwasher bears the ENERGY STAR label, and although it doesn’t have specific energy-saving wash and dry functions, you can opt to use the half-load wash cycle for small loads. When this wash cycle is selected, you can put a small load of dishes on the lower rack and it will automatically use less water and energy.

It’s estimated that this dishwasher unit will cost you an annual $29 to operate and will consume just 265 kilowatt-hours every year. This isn’t the lowest in our dishwasher comparison, but it is among the lowest and most energy efficient.

Samsung backs its dishwashers with excellent warranty coverage. The first year that you have the unit, the parts and any labor will be covered. Additionally, the racks and electronics on the unit are backed by a five-year warranty; the tub and door liner have lifetime coverage.

You can contact Samsung by phone, email or the live-chat function for any support you need regarding the warranty or other technical assistance. You can also access the user manual, FAQs and tutorials for the dishwasher on the company's website.

  • Estimated Yearly Operating Cost
  • Number of Cycles
  • Sound Level
  1. Estimation of yearly operating cost based on use with an electric water heater.
    Lower is better.
  2. 6  Samsung DW80F800
  3. $32.0
  4. $31.0
  5. $27.0
  6. Category Average


The Samsung DW80F800UWS dishwasher features a quiet operation and a high place setting capacity. Although it doesn't have as many wash cycles and wash options as other built-in dishwashers in our comparison, it includes plenty of helpful extras.

Samsung DW80F800 UWS/AA Visit Site