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Samsung DW80J3020US/AA Review

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PROS / You can fit up to 15 place settings into one load, and the top rack is adjustable.

CONS / There are only four wash cycle options, and they are all standard.

 VERDICT / This Samsung has all of the basics, including four wash cycles and a few extra perks, like a relatively low operating cost.

The Samsung DW80J3020US/AA dishwasher serves as a basic unit that effectively cleans your dishes. While it only has four cycles, Samsung offers good warranty coverage with this unit.

  1. Estimation of yearly operating cost based on use with an electric water heater.
    Lower is better.
  2. 14 Samsung
  3. $32
  4. $31
  5. $27
  6. Category Average

This Samsung dishwasher only has four basic wash cycles and one additional wash option. The wash cycles include normal, heavy, auto and quick. The auto cycle uses a soil sensor to test the turbidity of the water to determine how much more time the dishwasher needs. The dishwasher also uses an air dry option as well as a fan to dry your dishes.

With energy-efficient wash and dry options, ENERGY STAR certifies the unit. It has an estimated annual operating fee of $32 and also meets the standards of the National Sanitation Foundation. In addition to the various wash cycles, this dishwasher has a top rack-only cycle that conserves energy and water when you do not have many dishes to wash.

This built-in dishwasher holds up to 15 place settings at one time on its two racks. You can adjust the upper rack or alter the tines on both racks to help you fit your dishes into the machine. Unfortunately, the dishwasher lacks several convenience features. It does not have a delay-start timer or hidden touch-sensitive controls. However, the included hard-food disposer makes it so you do not have to manually clean the unit.

This stainless steel dishwasher operates quietly. When running, the machine measures at 50 decibels. It has a self-cleaning filter that reduces the amount of time you have to work on maintaining the machine. The dishwasher comes in a variety of colors including black, white and stainless steel. It has three spray arms that clean your dishes effectively and efficiently.

Samsung offers a good warranty for this built-in dishwasher. Labor and parts have a warranty of one year. Racks and electronics have five years of coverage, and the tub and door liner have lifetime warranty coverage. If you need help, Samsung’s website serves as a good resource. You can access manuals, FAQs, tutorials, live chat, email and support by phone.


While the Samsung DW80J3020US/AA dishwasher has a limited number of wash cycles, it serves as an effective machine. With a good warranty and sturdy design, Samsung offers a capable dishwasher.