Pros / The Danby DWC350BLPA can hold up to 35 standard-size bottles and includes space for odd-sized or re-corked bottles. It includes an auto-cycle defroster and shatter-resistant glass.

Cons / Awkwardly, the temperature controls are located on the back of the wine cooler. The cooling range does not go high enough to accommodate those who prefer warmer reds.

 Verdict / If you select a wine cooler such as this Danby, you will need to check the temperature of every shelf to see which one is best for each varietal. It is single-zone and most of this type vary greatly in temperature from top to bottom.

The Danby DWC350BLPA is a free-standing, single-zone wine cooler that cools using a compressor cooling system. It can cool to as low as 42.8 F (6 C) or to as warm as 57.2 F (14 C), making it suitable for white wines and lighter reds. The wine cooler has five metal, slide-out shelves and one staggered shelf. The cabinet is black and the trim is platinum. This wine fridge is less than 3 feet tall will fit under most counters, provided you allow for adequate ventilation. It has a reversible door with shatter-resistant glass. If you need a dual-zone cooler, consider the NewAir AW-210ED.

These types of single-zone wine refrigerators exhibit wide temperature variations from shelf to shelf. We recommend using a digital thermometer to determine the average temperature per shelf so you know which shelf is best for which wine. If you enjoy your wine within a few degrees of ideal serving temperature, this extra effort is worth it. Or many put their reds toward the top of the cooler in the warmer zone and whites toward the bottom where the cool air settles, and are satisfied with that. However, we recommend that you test this unit before storing your wine long-term to determine the best placement. If you enjoy your darker red wines at just below room temperature, this unit might not satisfy your needs. Its highest temperature is about 57 F. Of course you could pull the bottles out early, but other units can hold a higher temperature range for you.

Besides the limited temperature range, there are a few other details to consider. This wine cooler does not come with modern blue LED lights, and the controls are inconveniently located on the back of the wine fridge. Additionally, the controls are not digital. You have to select the desired temperature between min and max and guess what temperature that might be.

Danby is a Canadian company and product is available in many areas. But you will want to ensure that you can benefit from free shipping before you select the distributer you purchase from.

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  • Lowest Temperature
  • Highest Temperature
  1. The lowest selectable temperature the wine cooler can reach.
  2. 11  Danby
    42.8 Degrees Fahrenheit
  3. 41.0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  4. 2  Avanti
    40.0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  5. 46.0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  6. Category Average
    43.77 Degrees Fahrenheit


If you appreciate your reds warm (over 58 F), the Danby DWC350BLPA is not the best choice for you. Additionally, if you want to cool a varied collection, the shelf-to-shelf temperature fluctuations may prove frustrating. But if you just drink white wine, this cooler will cool 35 bottles for you.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Maximum Bottle Capacity
Wood Shelves
Metal Shelves
Slide-Out Shelves
Reversible Door
Locking Door
Accommodates Odd-Sized Bottles


Height (Inches)
Weight (Pounds)
Depth (Inches)
Width (Inches)

Customer Service

1 Year
Telephone Support
Easy-to-Find Replacement Parts


Highest Adjustable Temperature (F)
Lowest Adjustable Temperature (F)
Ideal Temperature for Red or Rose Wines
Ideal Temperature for White Wines
Cools Sparkling Wines
Dual Zone
Requires Moderate Ambient Temps
Capable in Warmer Rooms
Adjustable Thermostat
Digital Controls
Interior LED Light
Insulated, Light-Protected Glass Door
Compressor Cooling
Thermoelectric Cooling