Pros / This dual-zone wine cooler maintains consistent temperatures for red, white and sparkling wines. Its compressor-based cooling unit makes it capable of chilling even in regions with a higher ambient temperature.

Cons / This wine cooler will not satisfy those specifically looking for a unit that uses thermoelectric cooling technologies.

 Verdict / The EdgeStar CWF340DZ maintained consistent, predictable temperatures in our test lab. This wine refrigerator is ideal for those who want to maintain a modest collection of mixed varieties of wine.

This sturdily built wine cooler features duel cooling zones, making it suitable for those looking for one unit to cool both red and white wines. It can cool to as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit, making it also suitable for chilling sparkling wines to the optimal serving temperature. The EdgeStar CWF340DZ was able to maintain consistent temperatures in our test lab, and its stainless-steel door will attractively accompany most modern appliances. This Top Ten Reviews Gold Award-winning wine refrigerator holds up to 34 standard-sized bottles and features a blue LED control display.

Although some besmirch compressor-type coolers for their noise production, we did not notice this unit to be unusually loud. Additionally, this type of cooling unit can work in areas where the ambient temperature may reach over 75 F. Thermoelectric coolers have a more limited range in terms of how low they can cool and how effective they can be when placed in warmer areas. However, as with all wine coolers of this type, this unit should be used indoors rather than in a garage or other area with inconsistent temperatures.

The EdgeStar CWF340DZ wine fridge proved to provide consistent temperatures, and it was able to reach the temperatures we programmed it to maintain. We actually moved our bottles from the units that did not perform well into the EdgeStar to “rescue” them from inconsistent temperatures. It was able to recover proper temperatures relatively quickly even after we added the new bottles. While this unit does lock, it should be noted that the lock is suitable to keep young children from opening the door but not sophisticated enough to prevent adults or curious teens from accessing the wine.

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  • Lowest Temperature
  • Highest Temperature
  1. The lowest selectable temperature the wine cooler can reach.
  2. 1  EdgeStar
    41.0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  3. 2  Avanti
    40.0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  4. 46.0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  5. Category Average
    43.77 Degrees Fahrenheit


This EdgeStar is a free-standing, dual-zone wine refrigerator with a compressor-type cooling unit. It can maintain temperatures between 41 F and 64 F, making it ideal for red and white wines. Since this is a dual-zone wine refrigerator, we were able to set the top zone to 45 F for white wines and the lower zone to 65F for our reds. We tested the wine cooler’s temperature two hours after setting the thermostat, and it was able to reach the set temperatures within about two degrees. We tested the temperatures of different shelves and the poured wine’s temperatures. We checked the temperatures every morning and at regular intervals throughout the workday for a week. This unit was able to provide predictable and consistent temperatures.

Since it is common for the displayed temperature to be a bit off from the actual temperature or from shelf to shelf, we recommend that you use a digital thermometer to discover the temperature range for each shelf. It should be noted that traditionally, white wines are placed on the bottom shelves where the temperatures are often cooler. However, this unit has the white wine shelves in the top zone. The zones are separated by a fan cooling unit, and even though our zones were set to twenty degrees apart, the zones were maintained the desired temperature gap.


The EdgeStar CWF340DZ holds up to 34 standard-size bottles. We were able to fit six standard-size bottles per shelf in the top section and five across in the lower shelves. This wine cooler can fit longer bottles as well. We were able to fit a tall bottle of gewürztraminer that would not fit into some of the other coolers. There is one shelf per zone that can accommodate larger-circumference bottles. Even though this unit is short enough to fit under most counters, it is not designed to be built-in. It needs adequate ventilation to work properly, so take that into account while you plan a place to put your cooler.

The slide-out shelves seem to be sturdy enough to survive regular use, and the wood trim makes the shelves more attractive than simple metal shelves. The door is reversible to accommodate the space where you will put the unit. As mentioned, this unit does have a lock. However, the “key” to open the door is a common hex shape that could easily be mimicked by a wily teenager. The lock is essentially a safety feature to deter small children.

Customer Service

EdgeStar provides sufficient support to its customers. Since this unit is nearly 100 pounds, it is pleasing to note that EdgeStar does not charge shipping for this unit. Our unit arrived securely packed and without damage. Should you require assistance, you can contact the company by telephone or email. User manuals and other helpful literature are accessible on the EdgeStar website. Replacement parts are also available online. This unit comes with a standard one-year warranty.


The EdgeStar CWF340DZ dual-zone, freestanding wine cooler tested well in our lab, and it can fit as many bottles as reported. If you are looking for one unit for both your merlots and chardonnays, this wine cooler can accommodate your needs. Or, if you enjoy “the bubbly,” it can chill sparkling wines to the proper temperature as well.

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