Pros / This single-zone wine cooler is efficient, quiet and compact. The Sunpentown (SPT) WC-20TL maintains set temperatures well and is ideal for rosés and reds.

Cons / It cannot cool below 54 F; it is not meant for chilling sparkling wines.

 Verdict / The Sunpentown WC-20TL has a sleek, compact design and it is ideal for countertop or table placement. In our tests it maintained set temperatures well and recovered temperatures quickly.

The Sunpentown WC-20TL holds up to 20 standard-sized bottles on silver, metal shelves. It is compact and square-shaped and fit on our test tables nicely. This single-zone wine cooler is intended for red wines and the thermoelectric motor operates vibration-free. It is low-priced, energy-efficient and a good choice for those who just need a compact countertop cooler for a small collection of red wines. Or it would be a nice second cooler if you already have one for your whites. For a larger, more sophisticated cooler, check out the EdgeStar CWF340DZ.

This wine fridge has a black cabinet and black trim. The reflective glass door is not only attractive but also protects red wines from sunlight. The digital controls are conveniently located on the outside of the cooler, including the light button. From the outside you can turn on the blue LED lights for effect or to help you choose which wine you would like to take out without having to open the door. The shelves slide out, but they are not intended to hold odd-sized or extra tall bottles.

This was one of the smallest wine coolers that came into the test lab, but by general consensus of our team, it was deemed one the most attractive. The picture on the Sunpentown website does not illustrate how this unit actually looks. As you can see from our images, it will make an aesthetically agreeable addition to most kitchens, dining rooms or home bars. Generally we left the blue lights on even when we were not actively testing it because we liked the way it looked.

This wine refrigerator cools to temperatures between 54 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. We tested it by setting it to a cool 55 F for merlots. We ended up putting a pinot noir in there for the five days of testing. This small unit held its set temperature surprisingly well. Not just that, but the displayed temperature often actually matched the internal temperature, which is also not as common as you might imagine. However, our test lab is environmentally controlled and kept to an even 72 F. Since this is a thermoelectric cooling wine fridge, it will likely not perform well in higher temperatures (over about 77 F).

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  • Lowest Temperature
  • Highest Temperature
  1. The lowest selectable temperature the wine cooler can reach.
  2. 6  Sunpentown
    54.0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  3. 41.0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  4. 2  Avanti
    40.0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  5. 46.0 Degrees Fahrenheit
  6. Category Average
    43.77 Degrees Fahrenheit


If your wine cooler budget is minimal and you prefer reds, the Sunpentown WC-20TL could be good choice for you. In our tests it kept a dependable temperature. It would make a good-looking addition to most homes, apartments or offices.

Sunpentown WC-20TL Visit Site

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