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Avanti W798SS Review

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PROS / Its highly satisfied users and solid warranty convince us of this washer's quality.

CONS / We wish this machine had a bleach dispenser and ran on slightly less energy.

 VERDICT / An array of features and a stylish design make this a standout portable washer.

"Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it has been discontinued You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information."

Avanti manufacturers know their way around quality miniature appliances; they have specialized in compact refrigerators for over 30 years. It's not surprising the Avanti W798SS ranked second in our portable washing machine lineup and won the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

This portable washer's sparkling stainless steel tub spins at three different speeds, maxing at 700 rotations per minute. You can be a little bit less careful when loading your clothing in the Avanti W798SS, as the tub features a bottom pulsator instead of an agitator. Having no agitator ensures clothes won't tangle, and more of them will fit – up to 1.76 cubic feet or 12 pounds in this machine. A disk in the bottom of the tub pulsates so clothes can move freely through the tub to wash and rinse thoroughly. Pulsating washing machines are more popular throughout Europe and Asia than in the United States.

Design & Portability

This portable washing machine features six automatic wash cycles. In addition to the expected normal, gentle and speedy wash programs, the Avanti W798SS has a jeans cycle and a delicate cycle. The jeans cycle is for massive loads. It includes a 12-minute wash cycle, two rinses plus a spray rinse and a five-minute spin cycle to extract water from the extra absorbent fibers of heavy clothing. For clothes made of gentler, less durable materials, use the delicate cycle. The wash cycle is half as long and the clothes spin for only three minutes, promising less stress on fragile clothing. Whatever sort of laundry you need clean, this washer has you covered. For enormous messes, you can add an 18-minute soak to the beginning of a normal wash cycle.

The washer's LED display lets you know how much time you have until your wash finishes. With digital controls, you can set the washer to delay starting your wash up to 24 hours, whenever is most convenient for your schedule. When cycles are finished, the portable washing machine doesn’t just signal, it sings. It lets out a pleasant chime so you know when to remove your clean clothes.

In the off chance that one of the preset cycles doesn't suit your requirements, this portable washer offers four manual functions to create your own custom cycles. Choose from wash only, wash and rinse, rinse and spin, and spin only to personalize the cycle to your own specifications.

If you happen to hook your portable washing machine up to both hot and cold-water sources, the Avanti portable washer allows you to determine the water temperature of each cycle to the exact degree. This becomes very useful if, for example, your child was sick and you need to wash his or her sheets. With such explicit temperature control, you can set the temperature very high to be certain to kill bacteria and wash it away.

Cycles & Wash Settings

This portable washing machine has four water level settings, which allows you to save water and money by matching your load size to the suitable water level. By utilizing this function, you will be friendly to the environment in wasting less water. Your wallet will appreciate the smaller utility bills, too.

When you need to heft this 77-pound washer up or down stairs, built-in cabinet handles alleviate any strain. Two handles also create the option of making carrying the washer a two-person job. Once you have the washer where you want it, you can install the four included casters to the rustproof base. With these wheels installed, you can easily roll your portable washer over carpet and tile, from room to room.

The Avanti W798SS is the perfect size to be stored in an out-of-the-way corner or closet. However, it's endearingly miniature dimensions are also appealing to children. Avanti considered this risk in the design of the W798SS. If the lid of the portable washing machine is lifted at any time during operation, and you have turned on the children-proof setting, an alert will sound. If the lid is not closed in 10 seconds, the alarm will proceed and the water will drain. If you do not select this function, the washer continues to run with the lid open for seven seconds. After the lid is open longer than seven seconds, the washer stops but does not drain. The cycle continues once the lid is closed.

Ease of Use Features

This portable washing machine has style. It is the only washer in our lineup to come in a color other than white. The sleek Platinum body of the W798SS is lustrous, almost futuristic. It is slightly reminiscent of a tiny, adorable space robot with an affinity for eating dirty socks and spitting them out clean.

While installing the machine's casters for optimum mobility, don't forget to install the included sound-muffling plate. Simply slide it into the slot at the base of the washer and fasten it in with two screws, also included. The result is a hard-working yet quiet washer. If you're already using your washer in a small space, it's nice not to hear it running in the next room. The majority of Avanti users commended the quiet operation of this portable washing machine.

This compact washer operates best when it's on a level surface. If the surface you have is less than level, don't worry. The machine has a leveling foot to help you keep it from rocking around. Keeping the machine level also prevents excess noise by preventing unbalanced loads.

Help & Support

We can tell Avanti is confident in their portable washing machine, because they offer solid warranties on parts. As per usual with portable washers, they only cover labor for a year. However, they offer a limited five-year warranty on the outer plastic tub, and a seven-year warranty on the inner, stainless steel tub. If Avanti trusts their parts that much, we do too.

We are not the only ones pleased with this portable washer. In addition to our findings, we noted that this unit has stellar user reviews. For a manufacturer to tout its own product is one thing. When actual consumers promote a single product so consistently, the benefits must be true.

Avanti Products has strong customer support with prompt telephone service and dependable email correspondence. Their care for their customers is obvious.


If you find yourself perusing the portable washing machine market, do not overlook the Avanti W798SS. This machine may not be industrial size, but it definitely challenges any belief that a compact machine cannot function at industrial strength. Six automatic cycles, digital controls and a solid warranty make us think you would be excited to have this washer added to your collection of appliances.