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Avanti TLW21PS Review

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PROS / Though large, this Avanti model is light enough to carry with the cabinet handles on the side.

CONS / It uses around 330 kilowatts annually and costs about $41 per year to operate.

 VERDICT / This small washer isn't completely portable, but luckily, it's easy to set up. If washer capacity and features are more important to you than energy use, this Avanti model is a good candidate.

The Avanti TLW21PS portable washing machine has poor energy use. You can expect this machine to use up to 330 kwh and cost you around $41 per year. Similar models on our lineup use the same amount of kilowatts annually for about $5 less.

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This mini washing machine stands 37 inches high, 21.5 inches wide and 22.3 inches deep, and it weighs 79 pounds. This is a tough washing machine to carry up multiple flights of stairs, but the cabinet handles make it easier. Its size and weight come in handy if you need to wash medium-sized laundry loads. The Avanti 21 holds up to 2.1 cubic feet, putting it at the higher end of the capacity range.

  1. How much electricity the washer uses over a year.
    Less is better.
  2. 6 Avanti TLW21PS
    330 Kilowatt Hours
  3. 271 Kilowatt Hours
  4. 290 Kilowatt Hours
  5. 290 Kilowatt Hours
  6. Category Average
    259.11 Kilowatt Hours

While this model isn't great for the energy-conscious, it has the features to get tough jobs done. At its max speed, it can reach spin speeds of 800 rpm. This powerful washing machine reaches top speeds compared to similar portable washers. It uses a pulsating washing method to handle gentle clothing, despite its speed. In addition, the noise reduction plates muffle any noise it produces.

Setup requires a couple tools and the pieces included with this Avanti model. You'll need a wrench, pliers and screwdriver to complete installation. But it installs into your grounded wall outlet and standard water hose, with two hoses supplied for if you have a cold and hot faucet.

The Avanti 21 has six wash cycles and six water levels to wash a variety of clothing. Depending on what you need to wash, you can choose the heavy, jeans, normal, quick, anti-winkle or air-dry setting. The control panel on the front of the washing machine is easy to use and only requires a couple button presses to get started. From the control panel, you can pause the cycle and select the water temperature, program, load size and function. The range of water levels and cycle types means you can place anything from heavy denim to light cotton into this washing machine. However, you have to use standard detergent in this washer. There is no fabric softener or bleach dispenser inside the tub.

When you start a load of laundry, the time-remaining indicator displays how much time the machine needs to complete a cycle. You can also set the machine to start later. This allows you to time your laundry to finish when you'll be home or away. There is no end-of-cycle signal on this machine, so pay attention to the time each cycle takes. If you leave wet clothes in the washtub, you run the risk of growing stinky mildew on your fabrics.


Weighing 79 pounds, the Avanti TLW21PS washing machine isn't easily portable. The good news is it's easy to set up, so you can keep it in one place one you've installed it. The washer holds 2.1 cubic feet of fabric and reaches spin speeds up to 800 rpm. The washer features in this model are better than its energy use, but if you need an easy hookup and lots of clothes cleaned, the small extra expense may be worth it.

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