Pros / This Avanti model has six adjustable water levels and cycle types for a range of clothing.

Cons / This portable washer does not have an end-of-cycle signal.

 Verdict / With most of the standard features and a moderate capacity, the Avanti TWL16W is worth checking out, especially if you have small loads like baby clothes or towels that you prefer to wash separately.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Avanti TLW16W is a mostly standard portable washing machine. It offers the normal amount of energy savings and clothing capacity. However, its height makes it slightly less portable than smaller washing machines, and it's missing a couple of convenience features.

According to the EnergyGuide label, the Avanti TLW16W produces up to 290 kilowatts per year. This comes to about $36 annually. This is standard energy consumption for a small washing machine.

This Avanti model stands 37.3 inches high, 20.3 inches wide and 20.8 inches wide. These dimensions makes the Avanti 16 the tallest portable washer on the lineup. However, it is also slim compared to other models. This portable washing machine weighs 73 pounds, which is about average among similar models. However, it may be difficult to carry up multiple flights of stairs if you live in an apartment complex.

The Avanti 16 works best if you have small loads of laundry to finish or like to wash special clothing separately. The washtub holds up to 1.6 cubic feet, enough for towels, baby clothes and delicates.

Its max spin speed is 800 rpm, which is enough to drain most of the water from your fabric. This mini washing machine uses a pulsator to gently swirl water around your clothes and remove stains. Speeds this high can produce plenty of noise in your home if the washing machine isn't level. Thankfully, this model comes with a noise reduction plate at the base to lower the volume while you're washing clothes. It also has adjustable feet to level the unit.

You can choose from six wash cycles and water levels for a variety of clothing. In case you're confused about which cycle to choose for your clothing, the user manual has a handy laundry tag sheet. This should decode any symbols on your clothing tags.

The cycles on this portable washer are heavy, jeans, normal, quick, anti-wrinkle and air dry. There is no designated delicate cycle, but the pulsator and anti-wrinkle cycles should take care of fine fabrics like silk or thin cotton.

This portable washer has most of the standard features, such as a time-remaining indicator, delay start and a detergent dispenser. However, it is missing an end-of-cycle signal and softener dispenser. Without an end-of-cycle signal, you may not know when your laundry is done, leaving wet clothes to spoil in the washtub.

Like all the best portable washing machines, the Avanti 16 is under parts and labor warranty for a full year. In case you lose the printed copy of the user manual, you can find a downloadable PDF online. In addition, the Avanti website has a FAQs page, email and phone support for your questions.

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Overall, the Avanti TLW16W is a standard portable washer. It's missing a signal for the end of a cycle, which sets it aside from the best portable washing machines. However, its six cycles and pulsating washer suit a range of fabrics and clothing weights.

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