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Danby DWM99W Review

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PROS / The rotary dials on this washer won't short out like digital ones can.

CONS / With two cycles and limited customizable options, it may not be sufficient for all users.

 VERDICT / This washer works for people with the most basic laundry needs.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Not all portable washers are created equal. The Danby DWM99W has convenient features, functions and mostly positive user reviews. It is a reasonable machine for a reasonable price, but this portable washer lacks some advantageous qualities and ranks ninth on our side-by-side comparison of portable washing machines.

The Danby DWM99W is just shy of three feet tall and is about 21 inches wide and deep. It is a suitable size for most portable washer needs. At only 72.8 pounds, you can easily move it from one washing location to the next.

Loosely load this portable washing machine with up to nine pounds – about 1.3 cubic feet – of your socks, shirts and sheets and let the center agitator do its work. If you have a particularly stubborn stain, scrub it in the Hand Wash Corner, which is a set of grooves along the top rim of the washer designed to remove soils like an old-fashioned washboard. The stainless steel washtub is durable yet gentle on your clothes, preventing any snags. During the spin cycle, it reaches up to 800 rotations per minute, meaning less drying time.

The Danby DWM99W comes with two automatic wash cycles – Economy and Regular. The economy cycle saves water and time. It runs for 23 minutes, rinses twice and spins twice. The regular cycle runs for a longer period and is for dirtier items; it rinses and spins three times. You can select to forgo the wash cycles and spin only, or add an additional spin cycle at the conclusion of either wash cycle.

This portable washing machine is one of only two in our lineup with rotary dials instead of a digital control pad. While the electronic controls may feel more accurate and look more sophisticated, rotary dials avoid the risk of shorting out and therefore hold some advantage. The dials on this washer also move with the current cycle's progress, indicating how much time is remaining.

You have to add detergent manually to this compact washer, but a bleach dispenser allows you to bleach your clothes safely, and a fabric softener dispenser releases the softener at the appropriate time during the wash cycle. This portable washing machine does not have a lint filter, so we recommend using a separate filter for your drain to prevent clogs from any debris in the washer's discharge water.

Four automatic water levels allow you to adjust the amount of water in this portable washer to your load requirements, with smaller loads requiring less water. This Danby washer only uses about seven gallons of water per wash cycle. The washer is water efficient, yes, but not nearly as energy efficient. This portable washer runs on an estimated 537 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.


The Danby DWM99W is limited in its cycle options and capacity, but it has a decent number of features and level of convenience. Its spin speed is impressive, and it is water efficient, although it requires a lot of energy to run. If you're not fussy about your laundry and little additions like a Hand Wash Corner delight you, this portable washing machine is meant to be in your home.