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Danby DTT420W Review

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PROS / Its 1600RPM spin tub with five settings quickly dries wet laundry.

CONS / No multi-tasking allowed - you must stay with this machine to get the job done.

 VERDICT / This machine requires a lot of manual intervention but delivers clean results.

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One of these portable washing machines is not like the others, and it’s the Danby DTT420W. This compact unit is the only twin-tub model we reviewed, though several of its features are similar to the other models on our lineup. We ranked this Danby portable washer 10th because its separate, high-speed spinning tub is all it really has to offer. It fails to deliver several crucial conveniences, and its few extra features are only satisfactory.

The twin-tub Danby portable washer, at 29 inches, is the widest machine we reviewed. It is about three feet tall and just more than 17 inches deep, and you can fit up to 10 pounds of clothing in each tub. The washtub pulsates and has an agitator to thoroughly clean clothes.

Two tubs sounds impressive, but it also requires an extra step when you're washing your laundry. Once the wash cycle finishes, you have to shift the load into the spin tub, which spins your items nearly dry. If you want to spin your load halfway through the wash cycle, you must pause the wash, transport the load into the spin tub, run the spin cycle and then put the load back in the washtub, only to shift it to the spin tub once more when the wash cycle finishes.

You can select between three different spin speeds up to 1600RPM and you probably won't need a dryer, because your clothes will be barely damp after the washer spins them and extracts nearly all the water from the load. However, most people would probably be happier with the convenience of a single tub with an included spin cycle, even with the resultant extra drying time.

The Danby DTT420W has casters for easy transportation and a Quick Connect hose kit for simple installation. This portable washing machine does not have automatic water levels, so you have to fill the washtub manually. While filling it up, add your detergent as well because this washer doesn't have any dispensers for detergent, bleach or fabric softener.

The washtub in this portable washing machine is equipped with a water-overflow strainer to prevent any soggy messes on your floor. A hand-wash scrubbing area is located along the upper rim of the spin tub for ground-in stains.

The Danby DTT420W comes has two automatic wash cycles. Choose between normal and gentle, depending on the type of laundry you need washed. A little detergent goes a long way in most portable washing machines, including this one. If your clothes are too sudsy, this compact washer allows you to add an extra rinse to your wash cycle.

Rotary dials for cycle selection eliminate the risk of short-circuiting that digital control pads face. The same dials also display how much time remains in your current cycle. Because you must be so involved with switching your load back and forth between the wash and spin tubs, a cycle timer is especially helpful so you know when it's time to make the switch.


If you think less drying time is worth fewer automatic features and less convenience, check out the Danby DTT420W. Make sure you have enough spare time to stick around your unit to get the job done. As long as you don't mind participating in every step of the laundry process, this portable washing machine will suit your fancy.