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GE WSLP1500 JWW Review

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PROS / You can choose from 14 cycles or mix and match them for highly specialized washing.

CONS / The price tag might be out of some consumers' budgets.

 VERDICT / This washer is unmatched in its child lock feature and variety of cycle options.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.


If you want a washer with a stunning variety of features and flexible functionality, the GE WSLP1500JWW, our Top Ten Review Gold Award winner, may be perfect for you. This washer packs a lot of bang for a lot of buck. Although it is one of the most expensive portable washing machines in our lineup, the GE portable washer is worth every penny.

The GE portable washer has the greatest capacity of our lineup. At up to 2.7 cubic feet, this compact washer's stainless steel tub can hold well over half the amount of laundry a normal washer can. The clear lid allows you to view your clothes roll and tumble clean, proving the innovative pulsating system really works. However, the price of the GE portable washing machine is comparable to some standard-sized washing machines. Perhaps one reason for this is the capability this washer has to operate at the same level as a standard or even industrial machine.

Design & Portability

This portable washing machine comes with a whopping 14 automatic cycles. If you want, you can use a different cycle every day of the week, for two weeks. Not all users have need for more than, say, four cycles. But if you like to fine-tune your laundry specifications, this washer is a dream come true. The cycle options are seemingly endless. You can let the machine do the thinking with automatic one-touch washing. With this option, press a single button and your portable washer takes care of the rest. The load-sensing feature automatically determines the size of your load and the amount of water and washing time necessary. Bright colors are safe with this automatic cycle because it runs the color wash cycle by default. However, if you are short on time or have a load of heavily soiled towels, you can specify this automatic cycle with the other options, from speed wash to ultra clean.

If you prefer more control of your cycles, look no further. This portable washing machine has something for every user. Though this washer can be completely automatic, you can also choose from any or several of the cycle options to create a custom combination of soak, wash, heavy duty, rinse and spin. Select one or all of these depending on your clothing type and soil level. If you need to do your laundry in a specific timeframe in the future, you can delay starting it 1-18 hours from when you make the selection.

You can find your way through the maze of 14 cycles and customizable options with help from a clear-cut digital control panel with an LED countdown display and cycle indicator lights.

Cycles & Wash Settings

This GE washer is the only unit from our portable washing machine lineup that has a child lock on the control panel. Shiny, lit-up buttons are irresistible to children. When those buttons are located on a miniature machine, children simply cannot resist the urge to push any and all of them. To avoid losing your settings to the fingers of an excited kid, simply follow the instructions written in small print on the panel and hold the indicated buttons for three seconds to lock and unlock the controls.

Five automatic water levels, from extra small to extra large, promote efficiency and water preservation. GE also recommends using high-efficiency detergent with this portable washing machine for the best possible performance and less waste. Other convenient features include detergent and softener dispensers. Even small additions like these can ease the hassle of doing laundry and make it less of a chore. Unfortunately, the washer does not have a bleach dispenser.

Ease of Use Features

GE boasts about this portable washer's quiet pump. Though it does not come with an installable plate for the bottom of the machine to muffle operational noises, the compact washer isn't louder than a regular machine. It isn't whisper-quiet, but it isn't disruptive either.

When installed on a stable, level surface, not touching any surrounding walls or appliances, the portable washing machine is quieter than otherwise. An adjustable leveling foot on the bottom of the washer helps with this effort.

In the case your load becomes unbalanced and causes more noise than usual, the washer senses the imbalance and adds or drains water to correct the situation. However, providing a level surface and loading items loosely should prevent any imbalance.

Help & Support

A one-year parts and labor warranty is offered for this portable washer. There are options to purchase extended warranties at additional costs, as we feel this washer comes with an average warranty.

Users of this portable washer are overwhelmingly pleased. Those willing to invest in this machine do not regret it. The consensus is consistent; this portable washing machine does its job and does it well.

The entire user manual for the GE portable washer is available online. It contains useful information about installing and using the unit. Through the website, you can locate nearby GE dealers and register your appliance. Other information on the website includes the washer's energy specifications, contact information for part replacements and customer support, and where to donate your old appliances.


The GE WSLP1500JWW is worth the investment. With four water levels, 14 automatic cycles and a child lock option, the outstanding features of this washer make up for any inconveniences caused by the lack of a bleach dispenser or the average warranty. If you're looking for a heavy-duty machine in a compact package, this unit is the portable washing machine for you.