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Pros / This washer has the lowest energy consumption on our lineup and costs under $25 per year in energy use.

Cons / This GE model is the heaviest washer on the lineup and lacks cabinet handles, making it less portable than other small washing machines.

 Verdict / Its size and weight make it difficult to move around, but this GE model can hold more clothes than other washers can and manages efficient energy use.

The GE WSLP1500HWW portable washing machine can clean small loads of laundry in tight spaces like apartments or RVs. This mini washing machine is energy-efficient and costs almost half of what you might pay for a standard washing machine.

The energy-sipping GE 1500 portable washer uses around 191 kWh per year. This results in a low annual cost of around $23 per year. To put it in perspective, that's probably less than you probably spend on groceries per week.

This GE model stands 37.5 inches high, 23.3 inches wide and 23.9 inches deep, making it larger than most portable washing machines. This model is also the heaviest on our lineup at 90 pounds. You can still carry it around the house, but its weight definitely lowers its portability.

The lack of cabinet handles also makes it hard to carry. The good news is this machine holds up to 2.6 cubic feet of laundry. The GE 1500 is large for a compact washer, but it's great if you plan to keep it in the same place in your home.

Most portable washing machines attach to your kitchen faucet and drain into your sink. Instead, the GE 1500 connects to standard washer hookups via the hot and cold connectors. The drained water pumps through a U-hose in the back of the washer. This may be a tricky setup in most homes, so you should check the water connections in your home before purchasing this GE model.

This washer's spin reaches up to 680 rpm, one of the lowest speeds on the lineup. However, the GE makes up for its low speed with lower energy use, eight different wash cycles and seven water levels.

The cycles include standard settings like normal, heavy-duty and gentle. You'll also find specialized cycles exclusive to this model. This GE model has a basket wash to clean the washtub at least once a month. It also has hand-wash and speed-wash settings.

Along with several wash cycles, the GE has options that you can apply to each cycle, including swimwear, extra rinse and gentle spin. These options also apply to the My Cycle setting, a customizable setting you can program into the machine for specialized clothes that fall between cleaning categories. All these options and cycle settings allow you to wash tough denim and cotton or soft baby clothes and delicates.

Most mini washing machines have some kind of detergent dispenser. This GE model is no exception. There are also designated places in the washer for fabric softener and bleach. This allows you to soften and whiten clothes alongside your favorite detergent.

  • Annual Electricity Usage
  • Annual Estimated Energy Cost
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Capacity
  1. How much electricity the washer uses over a year.
    Less is better.
  2. 4  GE WSLP1500HWW
    191.0 Kilowatt Hours
  3. 271.0 Kilowatt Hours
  4. 290.0 Kilowatt Hours
  5. 290.0 Kilowatt Hours
  6. Category Average
    259.11 Kilowatt Hours


Despite its large size, the GE 1500 is efficient with its energy. Using only 191 kwh and costing about $23 per year, this compact washer is best staying in one place. While it's less portable than most small washers like it, the number of cycles and features make up for its bulk.

GE WSLP1500HWW Visit Site