Robot Lawn Mowers Review

Why Buy a Robotic Lawn Mower?

Once a border wire is set up around your yard's perimeter, a robot lawn mower cuts the grass without any assistance from you. For homes or businesses with more than one lawn area to maintain, this chore is still possible with robotic mowers like the LawnBott LB75DX, RoboMow RS630 and LawnBott LB300EL, which utilize their multizone lawn mowing capability to keep any grass on the property properly trimmed.

Unlike traditional lawn mowers, mowing a lawn in the hot sun is not an issue for robotic lawn mowers, and rainy days are taken care of as well. With rain sensors included in most, the units will return to the charging dock to safely wait for humidity levels to drop before they return to their routine. With the right features and options, a robotic mower is a sensible option for small and large lawn upkeep.

Robotic Lawn Mowers: What to Look For

There are many options to consider when it comes to robotic lawn mowers, including how many zones it can mow, how much area it can cover and whether it's programmable to be put on a schedule. If your lawn is quite large and has hills or large slopes, things like slope capability and running time should also be on your list of considerations. The information below will further educate you on some of the most important factors that you'll need to know before making a purchasing decision.

Multizone Capability
Not all automatic lawn mowers will travel to separate areas in order to cut the grass, so for that, you will need one with multizone capability. The most common reason for needing this feature is a home or business with a small front lawn area and larger back lawn that are not directly connected. In this scenario, each lawn is considered one zone. Most multizone robot mowers cover two to four zones.

The ability to program the mower is a key feature to look for if you want to schedule it to run on a particular day and time. If it is programmable, consider how you program it and what you want to program it to do. Some units are directly programmed at the robot mower base, but others may include the ability to remotely access it via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even your smartphone.

What type of power the robotic lawn mower needs to operate is one of the most crucial factors. This will allow you to determine where the mower needs to be stored and give you an idea on how much it will cost to use. How long it holds a charge is also an important factor. As for how it is powered, your options are solar, battery (replacing every few years depending on usage) or charging it through an electrical source.

With options like programmable scheduling and the ability to remotely access them from smartphones, robotic lawn mowers give anyone with a lawn a way to automate the lawn mowing task and save their time for more important matters.