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Midland LXT112VP Review

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PROS / This walkie talkie offers a three-year warranty.

CONS / These units do not have a battery meter.

 VERDICT / The Midland LXT112VP is a good walkie with the great warranty.

The Midland LXT112VP is a great walkie talkie to help you to keep track of your kids around the neighborhood or on your next vacation. It comes with a great list of features and has a range of approximately 16 miles, unobstructed. Hand one to the kids and let them have some freedom while still remaining in contact.

Midland LXT112VP


This walkie talkie comes with auto squelch which will help clear out background noise, which will come in handy if you are some place with a lot of people, such as an amusement park. Because these walkie talkies come with an automatic channel scan, voice clarity will be even better. These devices also come with different call tones to choose from. This will help you to be able to pick out the sound of an incoming call in a crowd of people. To ensure that you have heard all of what your other party was saying to you, this handie talkie also comes equipped with a "roger beep." This tone will sound once there has been a silence longer than three seconds.

While these walkie talkies don't offer a battery meter that continually shows the amount of batter power left, there is a low batter indicator. Once the battery power has run down, the unit will alert you that it's time to plug it in to be recharged or time to switch out the battery pack for three AAA batteries. This device includes a rechargeable battery pack and wall charger.

One of the great things about this walkie talkie is that it is water resistant. That means that it's the perfect walkie talkie to have with you while you are enjoying the water rides at your favorite amusement park. They are also great for outings to the lake or while you are relaxing by the pool.


The Midland LXT112VP is easy to operate. It offers four different buttons, including a scan button for easily scanning channels. It's also simple to increase or decrease the volume with the simple touch of a button. It is an all around easy-to-use device.


Midland stands behind their products. The LXT112VP comes with a three-year warranty. We were able to find an email address for tech support as well as a phone number. However the website also includes a long list of FAQs. This handie talkie also comes with a user manual.


This walkie talkie offers a great listing of important features that you should consider when looking for a device to keep in touch with others. These units offer auto squelch, different ringtone selections and a "roger beep." It comes equipped with a rechargeable battery pack. However, for added convenience, the radios will also run on three AAA batteries each. These two-way radios are also water resistant, making them the perfect option to take with you to the pool or to the lake. If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to keep track of your kids on vacation or just to communicate with someone else while recreating, the Midland LXT112VP fits the bill.

Midland LXT112VP