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Pros / The Motorola TalkAbout MB140R is water resistant.

Cons / This walkie talkie does not have a keystroke tone alert.

 Verdict / This is a great device for using in boats or near pools.

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Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information. Click here to read our current reviews on Walkie Talkies.

The Motorola TalkAbout MB140R walkie talkies offer several important features for those who are looking to keep in touch with others while hanging out in the neighborhood or enjoying a family vacation at the lake. One of the great features is that these devices are water resistant and they have ten different ring tones.


The TalkAbout MB140R comes with several important features. Having the ability to change your call alert tone can ensure that you always determine whether you are receiving a call on your cell phone or your walkie talkie. Also, having ten different tones available will allow you and a group of friends to have different tones, so it’s less confusing when calls come in while many of you are together.

The most exciting feature we found on these units is that they are water resistant. That makes these devices the best walkie talkies for taking to the lake or on a family outing to the nearest water park. Having water resistant walkie talkies allows you the ability to communicate with others while leaving your cell phone on the safety of dry land.

These walkie talkies also come with a backlit display. This could be important if you need to keep in touch throughout the night or even on a cloudy day. Having this feature also allows you the ability to view your battery strength meter in dark situations. However, even if you don’t realize that your battery power is running low, these devices also come equipped with a low battery indicator. The indicator will make a sound when you are in danger of your battery going dead. You should have ample time to locate and replace the battery before your system shuts down, ensuring that you never lose the ability to communicate due to lack of battery power.

The Motorola TalkAbout MB140R comes standard with two rechargeable battery packs, one for each device. Along with that, you will also receive an AC adapter with a “Y” connector which will allow you to recharge both units at the same time.

These units also include the “roger beep.” This short tone sounds when there is a period of silence for approximately three seconds after you speak. This will allow the party on the other end of the walkie talkie to know that you have completed your message and that you are waiting for them to respond to you. This feature could be helpful in situations where you have a lot of noise and are having a hard time hearing the conversation in its entirety.

These handie talkies also come with the auto-scan feature. This means that the units will automatically scan the available channels and find the clearest one for your conversation. This eliminates the need for you to try out several different channels one by one before finding the best one to use. This is definitely a time-saving feature and will also help you to remain frustration free.

Emergency Options

The Motorola TalkAbout MB140R is relatively simple to operate, but the menu structure presented one tiny drawback. The setup requires users to scroll through various menus to find the feature they want. However, the buttons are all precisely where you'd expect them to be on a walkie talkie, and we found them easy to use.


Motorola offers a great warranty on all of their products, including their walkie talkies. The TalkAbout MB140R comes with a one-year warranty, which is an industry standard on these handie talkies. We easily located a phone number and email address for our questions. There is a good listing of FAQs on the website as well, which answered many basic questions that we had. These devices also come with user manual to get you up and running as soon as they are out of the box.


If you are an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys being near the water, the Motorola TalkAbout MB140R is a great choice when looking for handie talkies. Being water resistant is only one of the great features that these devices offer. You also have the ability to choose between several different call alert tones, and it comes with a backlit LCD display. The low battery alert system is very useful, since you not only get a meter showing your remaining batter power, but you will also hear an audible sound when your battery power is nearing its end. The AC adapter and a “Y” connection charge both units as the same time. When considering the perfect walkie talkies for your family outings and vacations, we recommend taking a look at the Motorola TalkAbout MB140R–especially if you are looking for a set that won’t mind getting a little wet.

Motorola TalkAbout MB140R Visit Site