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Pros / This canister vacuum doubles as a vacuum and blower, effectively cleaning bare floor surfaces, as well as cleaning out debris from garages and workspaces.

Cons / You cannot adjust the suction on the Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum.

 Verdict / The Eureka Mighty Mite lacks some design features that help with vacuuming hard floor surfaces; however, the vacuum effectively picks up dust and particles from all kinds of floor surfaces.

The Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum combines versatility and power in its hardwood floor vacuum. You can use the machine to vacuum several different floor types, as well as to clean out garages with its blower port. The vacuum uses dirt bags that hold up to 96 ounces, greatly reducing how often you have to replace them. The bags are easy to remove and contain the dust and particles well.

As a canister vacuum, you can manually adjust the height of the suction piece from the floor, which is particularly important since this hard floor vacuum does not have adjustable suction settings. The best vacuum for hardwood floors includes the capability to turn off the brush-roll and reduce the risk of the vacuum scratching the wood, and the Eureka Mighty Mite includes this feature.

This model weighs less than ten pounds, making it an effective vacuum for hardwood floors. With such a light weight, it places minimal pressure on the flooring while you are cleaning. It is also easier to maneuver than heavier models. Additionally, the floor brush has a cleaning path of ten inches, which helps you cover more ground as you vacuum.

The vacuum has a high-powered, 12-amp motor. As such, it is louder than the other models in our comparison. We measured the noise to be 88 decibels while vacuuming. With the additional port for blowing out air, the vacuum acts and sounds more like a shop vacuum.

It has a seven-foot hose that you can connect to either the port that blows out air or the port that sucks up dirt, as well as to the cleaning tools. With a dusting brush, a crevice tool and an extension wand, you can clean most areas with this vacuum. It also has a 20-foot cord that allows you to clean throughout the room freely.

Eureka provides a one-year warranty for this vacuum that covers defects in material and workmanship. To contact the company, Eureka has an email and a telephone number on its website. You also can search for nearby service centers. If you run into problems assembling or using your vacuum, the website has a FAQs page, as well as video tutorials.

  • Weight
  • Noise
  • Cleaning Path Width
  • Number of Passes
  1. How many pounds the vacuum weighs.
    Less is Better.
  2. 4  Eureka Mighty Mite
    8.6 Pounds
  3. 15.6 Pounds
  4. 9.0 Pounds
  5. 5.5 Pounds
  6. Category Average
    10.04 Pounds


The Eureka Mighty Mite includes both a vacuum and blower port. You can clean a variety of different floor types, and even garages or outdoor workspaces. While it lacks some design features that protect wood floors while you are cleaning them, it effectively vacuums bare floor surfaces and carpets with ease.

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Visit Site