Pros / An assortment of attachments gives you a lot of variety for different tasks.

Cons / It didn't perform well in our tests and lacks overall power.

 Verdict / The Shop-Vac 965-06-00 is versatile and well made, but it lacks power and has average capacity.

The Shop-Vac 965-06-00 is a midsized wet-dry vacuum with a bright yellow 6-gallon tank and a lot of attachments. The motor, at 3 horsepower, is about average, and its performance in our tests reflected its lack of power. One standout feature is the length of the hose. At 10 feet, this shop vacuum has the longest hose reach of those we reviewed.

We tested all our vacuums with a mix of mulch and screws, and this shop vacuum had trouble picking up the debris. After the first pass, it was able to pick up only five of the six screws and about 60 percent of the mulch. For the wet cleanup test, it performed adequately, sucking up water at a speed of 4.68 gallons per second. At 94 dB, it was around the average volume of the best shop vacuums. If you’re looking for even more cleaning, try the Ridgid WD1450.

The vacuum is easy to move around and has nice locking wheels that can navigate different obstacles. Its hose, at a diameter of 1.25 inches, is smaller than those of our highest-rated models and likely contributed to its subpar outing in the mulch test. It does offer great overall length, however. The power cord reaches 10 feet, the hose adds another 10 feet, and the storage rack has three combinable extension wands.

The Shop-Vac stands out with its total number of attachments. Beyond the extension wands, the rack includes a floor nozzle, crevice tool and gulper nozzle for a total of six different attachments. They all lock tightly on the lid of the tank. The crevice tool works well for tight spaces, and it's also nice for using the blower function and spraying away loose leaves or sawdust.

This shop vacuum lacks a few things. The tank doesn't have a drain port for removing vacuumed water. The tank fills up quickly, which means you have to bend over and tip it each time it needs to be emptied. It uses both wet and dry filters, but it doesn't have a retainer for the one not in use.

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  • Capacity
  • Motor
  • Hose Diameter
  • Hose Length
  • Cord Length
  • Weight
  • Total Number of Attachments
  1. How many gallons of debris the vacuum holds.
    More is better.
  2. 5  Shop-Vac
    6.0 Gallons
  3. 14.0 Gallons
  4. 12.0 Gallons
  5. 6.0 Gallons
  6. Category Average
    6.2 Gallons


Overall, the Shop-Vac 965-06-00 didn't perform well in our tests. It also needs a wider hose and doesn't have the most functional tank, but its total of six attachments and overall length makes it greatly versatile.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Capacity & Power

Screw Test
Mulch Test
Suction Speed
Capacity (Gallons)
Motor (HP)
Noise Diffuser
Blower Conversion
Drain Port
Portable Blower


Noise Level
Hose Diameter (inches)
1 1/4
Hose Length (feet)
Cord Length (feet)
Weight (pounds)
Wet & Dry Pickup


Total Attachments
Storage Rack
Extension Wand
Floor Nozzle
Crevice Tool
Concentrator Nozzle
Car Nozzle
Blower Nozzle


Filter Cleanliness
Wet/Dry Filters
Foam Sleeve Filter
Cartridge Filter
Filter Retainer
Cloth Filter