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iClever Himbox HB01 Review

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The iClever Himbox HB01 Bluetooth car kit is an excellent option for streaming music through your car stereo as long as your car stereo has an AUX input. The call quality was poor in our tests, but that isn’t surprising – this type of Bluetooth car kit is primarily used for music.

There isn’t much to the iClever Himbox, but there doesn’t need to be. As with most Bluetooth car kits that use an AUX cord, it’s primarily used for streaming music, which is evident in the forward and backward buttons. Since the audio signal is sent to the device via Bluetooth, there isn’t a difference in audio quality when compared to other AUX-in kits – the quality is only as good as the streaming service, the Bluetooth capabilities and your car’s audio system.

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Still, we tested the call quality by making many calls while driving through a city and on a freeway. Overall, it received low scores. While using an AUX cord amplifies the caller’s voice through your car speakers, the result is not ideal. Despite echo- and noise-canceling technology, the microphone consistently captured the caller’s voice, which caused echoing and feedback. It’s fine for short calls, especially if you don’t often talk on the phone while you drive, but it quickly becomes unbearable.

The Himbox attaches to your dashboard with a magnetic plate that has an adhesive backing – or it’s supposed to have an adhesive backing. When we removed the paper covering on the adhesive pad, the glue came off with the paper. Without this adhesive, the backing of the magnetic plate is just a foam pad. It doesn’t stick to anything, which makes the plate useless. We had similar issues with the other AUX-in Bluetooth car kit that we reviewed. Even if the adhesive stuck firmly to the dash, it’s doubtful it would withstand the heat of summer. It’s likely that you’ll eventually, if not immediately, have no way of attaching it to your dash. This is only an issue if you plan on using it for hands-free calls.

This Bluetooth car kit doesn’t have batteries. Instead, it plugs into your car charger. The charger has two USB ports: One is for the device and another to charge your smartphone, which is a welcome feature.

The iClever Himbox is one of the most affordable Bluetooth car kits, costing around $30. This makes it an easy and quick solution for a car that doesn’t have the convenience of Bluetooth as long as your car has an AUX port.

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